March 14, 2006

"The Apprentice" -- Andrea vs. Theresa.

Last night's "Apprentice," recapped at Television Without Pity:
We return mere moments after the last episode left off, with Brent and Michael returning to the suite; Andrea greets this turn of events by locking herself in the bathroom and weeping drama-queenily for what was edited to look like half an hour. When she emerges, she takes over the PM reins, intending to manage the holy hell out of the Superfund project that is Brent. Sounds like a set-up for her impending ouster, no?

I thought so too, but girlfriend pulls it off.....

Her Brent strategy? Hear him out; tell him they're doing something else; give him busywork.
And food!
[M]eanwhile, on Gold Rush, there is a wretched "comedian," a horse and buggy, and Theresa, one of those PMs who thinks delegating a job is the end of the story, and does not understand that "I told them to do X" is for shit if X did not get done.
Hey, wait, she did trot alongside the horse-and-buggy, desperately yelling facts about about the Chevy Tahoe to the car dealers.


SteveR said...

Then she did one of the worst things a PM can do, instead of bringing back into the boardroom someone she likes but who did a really lousy job, she brings back someone she doesn't like who did very little wrong.

Doug H. said...

I especially enjoyed all the cutaways of Brent eating.

ShadyCharacter said...

I thought they were a little hard on Tariq (sp?) the "creative guy". He got the most grief for the quality of the chipping "green" even though from the editing 1) it was apparently the only part of his team's presentation that the dealers liked; 2) his project manager told him point blank to stop trying to line up artificial turf. So why all the aggressiveness on the part of The Donald and his crew?

In fact, the one thing I was confused by is why Tariq didn't mention he was told to not pursue getting astroturf in the boardroom. I'm thinking he did, but this was edited out. Simply bizarre.

Lenny is completely unemployable. Not just by The Donald, but by anyone. The comment about the brain size v. boob size (his words) would get you fired or severely reprimanded in any white-collar job - and he went and said that on national TV. Absolutely brilliant!

ShadyCharacter said...

Also, I want to go golf-cart racing!

LoafingOaf said...

Why's Lenny so "unemployable"? He seems pretty smart to me. And he's not just another clone like so many of the others.

This was one of the better episodes! Although few things are more uncomfortable to watch than a comedian bombing.

ShadyCharacter said...

I mean unemployable in the sense that he'd be a sexual harrasment lawsuit waiting to happen. Not that he isn't a smart guy.

Though the way he handled his failure to procure a generator (and his bizarre behavior afterword in connection with the same) tells me that he would most likely be a liability on any team doing real-world work (i.e., not simply putting up tents or getting random strangers to text message).

"I did not fail to get a generator - it was not my fault blah blah blah"

LoafingOaf said...

Though the way he handled his failure to procure a generator (and his bizarre behavior afterword in connection with the same) tells me that he would most likely be a liability on any team doing real-world work (i.e., not simply putting up tents or getting random strangers to text message).

I thought his teammate came off worse. He made a phone call and got the generator without too much trouble. Problem solved. It could've been a big screw up, but it wasn't. And in such chaos and stress as all off these tasks are designed to be (this is not the real world), it's not so surprising Lenny didn't notice the generator issue. Yet his teammate seemed to be obsessively lording it over him with the "I saved your ass" stuff. He was happy he'd have something to throw at Lenny in the boardroom if they lost, and that seemed to be his primary concern. Teammates are supposed to save each other's asses!

Lori said...

Lenny was great. He just might have the Apprentice record for unnecessarily angering everyone on his team. However, I love how he shoots straight, and that he's right most of the time. What a breath of fresh air from the obnoxious, unrealistic, and backstabbing people that we're used to seeing on this show.

Sarita said...

"I mean unemployable in the sense that he'd be a sexual harrasment lawsuit waiting to happen."

Unemployable? Based on that, sounds like he's the perfect man to join the Trump administration. Trump probably laughed his a$$ off when he heard the comment about Theresa's boobs.

ShadyCharacter said...

Trump probably would laugh in private, but if the bozo made the remark in public he'd still be canned.

It's not really shooting straight to simply say "I didn't forget to order a generator" three seconds after it's pointed out that you actually did forget to do so.

He's blunt which I guess some people could mistake for being forthright. But it's possible to bluntly lie your ass off. It's called being an ass and from what I saw he is simply an ass.

Sean E said...

Lenny strikes me as smart, competent and hardworking and absolutely horrific to have to supervise. I don't know about unemployable, but definitely unmanageable. I still get a kick out of him though, and hope he's around for a while.

Andrea lost me with the crying, but had me back in her corner by the end. But did she really just assume they would be allowed to fire off shotguns in what appeared to be public park without clearing it with anyone first?

vbspurs said...

Calling all Althouse Reality Show fans!

Ladettes and Joes

I'm lost in the world of reality shows, but I did pounce on two ya'll might like.

Ladettes to Ladies (Sundance Channel, 9-10 PM EST Thurs, w/reruns) is a British reality show that seeks to transform 10 masculine slappers into ladies.

It started Monday, and Thursday is just episode 2.

Pros v. Joes (Spike TV, 10-11 PM EST, Mons), is an American reality show which pits sports legends like Bill Romanowski and Dennis Rodman, versus ordinary Americans, to see if the latter can beat the ex-pros at their own game.

And some can!

Interested in watching? :)


PJ said...

Andrea's event would have gone much differently had someone gotten shot practicing skeet shooting or injured racing golf carts.
She got lucky.
I hope Roxanne steps up soon, I like her.

Stormy70 said...

Lenny also knows how to keep his mouth shut in the boardroom when Trump is focusing on someone else. In fact, he told the girl who was fired first for interrupting a Trump tirade to stat quiet before she was taken into the boardroom. She opened her mouth in there and got fired, post haste. I love Lenny!

Finn Kristiansen said...

Lenny definately says some inappropriate things, but the guy is smart, and he has the balls to kind of say whatever, not caring whether everyone loves him, or necessarily worrying about getting tossed off. He could shrug off the generator, and yet, not sit around fretting about his own mistake or what approach to take in the boardroom.

And you could tell Trump digs him and must have been watching a lot of the raw footage, because he kept on commenting on how Lenny was extremely funny.

Of course he cannot do or say half the stuff he does in the real world, but I am also sure he is aware of that. He might not be appropriate for every task, but he is the kind of guy you want somewhere in your organization for various tasks (collecting money from deadbeats, giving sarcastic answers to the questions from annoying do-gooder stockholders at the annual meeting)

I am also waiting for Brent to appear useful and not put big people to total shame.