March 16, 2006

"American Idol" -- results.

I'm late getting around to covering tonight's show. But TiVo preserved it, and I was predicting Melissa would get sent home tonight. That turned out to be true. But it wasn't predictable that Ace and Lisa would be the other two in the bottom three. I predicted Kevin and Bucky for that. Both those guys looked awfully relieved.]

UPDATE: If you're looking for the results of this week's show, click on the banner at the top of this blog and then scroll down to the newest episode!


Aakash said...

I just downloaded iTunes the other day, and have been thrilled therefore my the marvel of being able to download and watch episodes of television shows that I missed this past year, right on my computer.

Unfortunately, FOX has chosen not to allow its programs to be purchased and downloaded on iTunes.

[I am saying "unfortunately" not because of American Idol - haven't really been watching that - but because of something else... one that I think is even more popular with conservatives.] If ever there was a program that needed to be TiVo'd (or better yet, iTune'd) it is that one.

hygate said...

I thought Melissa was going to sent home as well. She barely made it through last week and at this stage how well the contestants perform each week is decreasing in importance. Each contestant has captured a certain number of fans who will vote for them regardless of how well they perform. That's why I was shocked that Ace was in the bottom three. His voice is average compared to the others, but I thought he was good looking enough to overcome that and attract enough fans to keep him safe for several more weeks. His personality is pretty bland though. He appears to be too nice. Even Kevin plays the bad boy with Simon which helps get him votes from the people who can't stand Simon and provides some leavening to his nice guy image. At this point I think that if winning was based soley on talent and how well you perform then Chris deserves to be the next American Idol, but I don't think it will happen. Going by what happened on the show last year rockers come in second. Of course Chris is a lot more talented than Bo, so I could be wrong.

joewxman said...

I also thought Melissa would go as well. Forgeting lyrics is a big no no in my book. I was happy however that cheesball ACE was in the bottom 3. He looked shocked in a "i just can't believe it" sort of way. Maybe that will humble him to make the right song choices, not that screeching falsetto.

Kevin on the other hand is playing this really smart. He clearly has the anti-simon vote and also the cute kid vote. He may be able to play that off for another couple of weeks....maybe even into the final 6 if he does well singing.

Jenny D. said...

I really wish they'd vote off Kevin. He is terrible. He can't sing, and he's not that cute. In fact, he's annoying.

me said...

Kevin has a bizzare cult following; he is horrible... Lisa was part of the race/sex demographic... hopefully she will stay alive long enough for the demographics to change.

Jennifer said...

Lisa is in the same race/age demographic as Paris. How do you figure she ended up in the bottom three based solely on race/age?

I thought it was just because she was a boring robo-stage child.

Jennifer said...

Oops, I should read better. Lisa is in the same race/sex demographic as Paris. My mistake.

Actually, she is in the same race/sex/age demographic as Paris.

PatCA said...

I think Lisa will have a great career on Broadway. That seems to be her forte. Someone was telling me the other day that Jennifer, another Idol "loser" has a big role in Dream Girls. Idol is the biggest, best showcase in the world--they'll all do well if they manage their careers well.

Adam said...

Jennifer Hudson will be playing Effie in the film adaptation of Dreamgirls, and Diana DeGarmo is on Broadway right now as Penny in Hairspray.

Clay Aiken, as I've long argued, could tour as Mark Cohen in Rent for the rest of his life.

me said...

It is precisely because of Paris that Lisa ended up in the bottom three. When there are still a large number of contestants, people in similar demographics tend to cancel each other out. So better contestants can get beaten out by those less deserving. It happens every season, until they get to the final three or four. Whether the best contestant gets knocked out too early, probably won't happen.

Jennifer said...

me: I gotta say that I'm just not buying this theory of yours. Paris and Lisa are in the same race, age and sex demographic. I'll give you that.

But the type of person that would be drawn to a bubbly, wacky dressing, funky hair doing Paris is not the same person that would be drawn to picture perfect, impossibly mature, Broadway devotee Lisa.

I'm sorry but I think the contestants' personalities, images, appearances and performances shape their demographics far more than their ages and races.

If it were simply a matter of race/sex/age, we would end up with a top 12 that exactly matched the viewing demographic of the show and it would not vary from year to year.

Laura Reynolds said...

Since I don't know the raw vote count its hard to guage the impact of me's theory but it might not need to be a huge percentage to make a difference when there are still a lot of contestants. And I would support the observation that it seems to have happened in previous seasons.

Jennifer said...

You're right, it's hard to tell when all we know is who is at the bottom.

It seems to me that me's theory comes into play when there are carbon copies - only one, cute-non-threatening-teen-boy so Will and David had to go. Why in God's name it's Kevin who is the chosen one, I have no idea. Only one ditzy blond so Heather had to go. Only one soul sister so Kinnik had to go.

Where I part ways with me's theory is believing contestants are only viewed in terms of their race and sex.

I have a hard time believing that Taylor Hicks and Ace have a huge mutual following yet they are the same race, same sex and roughly the same age.

That and the fact that sometimes people are voted off simply because they are ugly and boring with a woefully inadequate sense of style. Melissa McGhee for example.

Laura Reynolds said...

Jennifer, for the most part you're right.

I also suspect that someone like Kevin (as with Scott last year) get along through a certain number of sympathy and/or malicious vote for the worst one voters, not many but enough to get them through while the good ones split the other votes. As things get pared down and voters combine behind the better contestants, that otherwise unexplainable phenomenom goes away.

At least that my waste of intellect theory.

me said...

There are certainly many factors, but race/age/sex does play a role. Obviously, if the singing styles are completely different, they play less of a role.

I'd hate to know the demographic of those voting for Kevin, but it may be the joke demographic, just like that white rapper dude from last season (or maybe the season before) stayed around way too long.

XWL said...

As far as Ace and Lisa being in the bottom three, it's possible that Melissa's performance was sufficiently bad that she had no support and the rest of the votes split fairly evenly amongst the top 11 so that the other 2 in the bottom 3 had support near what even the top vote getters had.

In other words, whoever screws up with the 50s theme for the upcoming show will be in trouble, regardless of past support (With the exception of Pickler, Taylor and Kevin. I think they have a higher floor than the other contestants due to personality and quirkiness).

Anyone else a little scared that a 50s theme will produce an awful show?

Personally, I'd love to see a Prince show, but that's just me.