March 1, 2006

"American Idol" -- the guys.

Gray-haired Taylor Hicks seems forced and played out. He shrugs and smirks in his mannered way.

Elliot Yamin sings a meandering and complex jazzy song that everyone seems to like. He's so unattractive, but we feel a certain bond nonetheless.

Ace Young. Is he sensitive or phony? I'm not sure what to make of him. He seems to be losing it.

Gedeon McKinney sings one of the the greatest of all songs: "A Change Is Gonna Come." It bursts with feeling, and even though he seems fundamentally cheesy whenever he's not singing, the singing was great.

Kevin Covais bops along to "I Heard I Through the Grapevine," but the tone of his voice is so measly compared to Marvin's. I just heard the Marvin Gaye version on the radio yesterday. I hope you haven't forgotten how deeply dimensional it is. How strangely raspy Marvin sang and still made it all come out sublimely melodic. It was beautiful. But we love the sweet young lad Kevin and wish him no harm.

Jose "Sway" Penala croons something nice.

Will Makar gushes about the profound experience of meeting Justin Guarini, and then he sings Kenny Rogers's "Lady." This is just too bizarre!

Bucky Covington. He gets all Bo tonight. The judges seem to find him authentic, and I guess he is. A lot of time is spent on his food preferences. He's a southern boy who just wants some nice biscuits, and L.A. is proving too much for the man. All that calamari and the tuna roll.

David Radford does an eerie Sinatra imitation. "The Way You Look Tonight." This can't work! He blinks his eyes ultra-slow. Creepy! (He means it to be seductive.)

Chris Daughtry. They love him. Simon: "This was the only performance that stands up in the real world."

UPDATE: Begging to Differ has a lot of "AI" analysis, nicely done. And don't miss Kim Cosmopolitan.


Adam said...

As always, we've got a lot on ALOTT5MA tonight, but I wanted to focus on one thing: "I Heard It Through The Grapevine" is not a happy song. Kevin blew it. It's about learning your woman's been cheating on you. The boy has no idea how to convey that emotion.

XWL said...

Adam, you're mistaken, he was singing the California Raisins version of the song, not the Marvin Gaye version, so happy is OK.

/sarcasm off

(and scary thought for the day, 16 year old Kevin was born years AFTER that commercial first aired (1987))

scot said...

I also find Radford a little ridiculous. And yet I was shushed twice by people of the female persuasion while he was leering and quavering tonight, so his Magic must be Strong Magic. Peculiar, though.

Dad said...

MT, no you were not. He was trying a little too hard.

The one who should be voted off is the sound engineer. The only time I can really hear the voices well is when they are a capella or against just a guitar or piano. Once the orchestra gets rolling the voices seem to get buried in an avalanche of sound.

Or maybe it's just me.

Uncle Mikey said...

Damn Elliott was unbelievable, as was Chris. Sway seemed to choke up a little before his song, maybe the sad video of him talking about his separated parents got him all emotional right before he had to sing.

SippicanCottage said...
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Ann Althouse said...

Sippican: Marvin Gaye originally sang "son" for "some," so maybe everything else is a tribute to Marvin. I think it's weird that they didn't rerecord it when he botched the lyrics so obviously, but maybe it was just such a great take that it was worth it. Or maybe they were just too cheap.

SippicanCottage said...
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