March 31, 2006

"AI" fashions, critiqued.

Robin Givhan -- the WaPo's fashion analyst -- takes on "American Idol." She doesn't like the sexing up of the women:
Dressed in tight blue jeans, a tight yellow tunic, a tight purple suede jacket and a pair of ivory jeweled showgirl pumps, [Paris] Bennett seemed to have taken all her styling tips from a Baby Phat runway show -- an unwise decision unless one's intention is to resemble what might affectionately be called a hussy.
Well, I think it was. You might want to mention that she's only 17.
Chris Daughtry is a man who knows that a beautifully bald head always looks better than a comb-over. This week, Daughtry was dressed, as usual, like a nonchalant rocker.... Daughtry has a consistent style, and that makes him stand out, since most of the contestants seem to wear just about anything that gets handed to them. Fit, taste, logic, who cares?
I think the biggest problem is inconsistent style. It may take a few weeks (or months) to arrive at a style, but once there, stay approximately there. Daughtry has a consistent look. Well, that is, he has a bald head. He has it every week. And when you look at him, that's what you notice. You can tell all the men with minimal hair that the completely shaved look is best -- and it is! -- but it takes a lot of nerve to put yourself out there like that.

Givhan complains a lot about the women in their elaborate outfits styled around tight jeans (especially on the giant-legged Mandisa), but it's much worse when they put the women in those dorky cocktail dresses that all look to me like crap made by Halston in the 1970s.


knoxgirl said...
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knoxgirl said...

[realized my last comment made no sense.]

The Willard Scott comment about Taylor was pretty funny, although the styling was nice in that it did make him stand out from the rest of the contestants.

I thought he looked barbershop quartet-ish in it, which I didn't mind, cause he kinda makes me giggle when he performs anyway...

PatCA said...

I think Paris said at one point she picks her own clothes and loves doing her own thing fashion wise. Okay.

And let me say it, Mandisa has a great voice but looks terrible in youthful clothes. The woman is obese and should stop calling attention to it.