March 13, 2006

4 million.

Hey, the Site Meter is about to click over to 4 million. 4 million visitors! Thanks for stopping by!

UPDATE: Who was the 4 millionth visitor? Someone from Vancouver, Washington, who came by at 3:33:44 pm.


Ron said...

A blog toast to you, Ann! Prost!

Freeman Hunt said...


I took a screenshot at 4,000,004. (The SiteMeter clicked from 3,999,997 to 4,000,004 for me, so not 4,000,000 exactly, but it makes a nice palindrome.) I'll email it if you'd like.

Barry "iPod" Johnson said...

Damn, I missed it!

I'm 4,000,141.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Is another million becoming passe yet? I notice that it's happening more often.

David Blue said...

To be worth reading, a blog should be gutsy and personal. There's no point in reading the posts of someone who wants to hide their real opinion.

You offered John Roberts unreserved praise when he was nominated for the Supreme Court. Clear-cut cheering is far the boldest thing to do - it commits you much more than being nuanced-to-negative. Everything he's done since then has confirmed that you got him right. He's not just good, he's good in exactly the ways you thought he might be.

That seems to be pretty typical of you: clear, definite, reasonable opinions, civil but without a safety net, and often right. You also have a sense of fun, which is nice. And you handle your comments very firmly and well.

This is exactly the sort of blog that ought to get four million visitors and many more.





Moanique said...

Well, for what it's worth, I'm in Vancouver, Washington, and was surfing around on my break at around 3:30ish.

I don't know if it was truly me but it made me blink.

[Sorry if this posts twice...there was some sort of error the first time I tried to push this through.]

Ann Althouse said...

Moanique: The 4 millionth visitor came via Instapundit to that post about Moussaoui.

Moanique said...

Wasn't me then...and I was so looking forward to the prize *laugh*

Congratulations Ann. This is always a wonderful and stimulating read.

MadisonMan said...

I notice that it's happening more often.

Can you plot a curve of sitehits vs time so we can see the exponential growth?

Jacques Cuze said...

Now, let me tell you 'bout the school cafeteria
It's got all the others beat
It sells over four million burgers a year
Just think, that's almost two pounds of meat

Ann Althouse said...

Moanique: I thought sure it was you. How many visitors are there from Vancouver, Washington?

Madison Man: Just click on the Site Meter in the sidebar. You can find all sorts of graphs.

David: Thanks!

Everyone: Thanks!

Brendan said...

Insta-Ann has arrived. Congrats.

vbspurs said...

Vancouver, Washington?

I didn't even know such a place existed.

It sounds like someone jerryrigged their IP address, to misdirect Homeland Security.

"Hey, this guy is surfing the Al-Qaeda website from Toronto, Wisconsin. Let's trail him!"


vbspurs said...

Insta-Ann has arrived. Congrats.

Dude. "Glenn or Glenda?".

Like the official Althouse lager, Nun's Oath Ale, it's been decided.

P.S.: Congrats too, Ann! This party needs more ale though.