February 28, 2006

"We like the sound of her voice, she uses really good phrases."

Said about me. "She's obviously a professional speaker and lecturer, and it was a cool way to use these words but not make it too forced."


Mark the Pundit said...

You should ask to join their tour!

Pete said...

Good for you, Ann! Though I'm no fan of your podcasts, it's obvious I'm in the minority and that's fine with me.

I'm always interested in learning how people become good public speakers. I think Peggy Noonan's book about making speeches was a good one. Can you recommend others?

KCFleming said...

One of the best books on public speaking is from 1992, Your Public Best: The Complete Guide to Making Successful Public Appearances in the Meeting Room, on the Platform, and on TV by Lillian Brown.

Few can beat her take on it; loads of great advice.

vbspurs said...

The important thing is:

Do you like the sound of your own voice?

Not as in, do you like hearing yourself talk all the time, but as in, do you like the timbre and modulation of your own voice?


J. Cricket said...
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J. Cricket said...

Bravo! Monumentally ill-advised!

XWL said...

Ahhh, the Atlatl, I remember at my community college an anthropologist brought one in and was demonstrating it at the track, well he also let some students have a go at it and someone managed to through it a little too well and almost bagged some game (of the startled two legged variety) needless to say, demonstration ended then and there.

Have I mentioned that anthropologist occaisonally lack common sense?

Pete said...


Thanks for the tip!