February 20, 2006

Too cold for the "Polar Plunge."

The kids raised money for the Special Olympics by promising to jump in Lake Mendota. Then it turned out to be -17 on the day they'd promised to do it.
According to Paul Taylor, a University of Wisconsin freshman, officials had the right idea when they cancelled the Polar Plunge, but he added he was disappointed.

“I was not that surprised because I expected the Polar Plunge to be cancelled,” Taylor said. “It sucks because the reason we get interested is not only to raise money for the Special Olympics, but for the plunge itself.”...

Carrie Norquist, a third-year UW pharmacy student, said she figured the Polar Plunge would be cancelled. But despite the cold temperatures, Norquist said she, like many others, was prepared to take the plunge.

“I was ready to do it,” Norquist said. “I was surprised because a lot of people were ready to plunge.”


Macon said...

I wonder how many folks who gave money for the "plunge" would have been horrified if they'd actually jumped in the lake on a -17degree day?

Perhaps they missed out on another fundraising opportunity: give us money so we won't jump in the lake!

Gaius Arbo said...

Heck, this could have been a source of endless humor about lawn ornaments. Until spring, anyway.

Jacques Cuze said...


Menlo Bob said...

The plunge part of the Polar Plunge would not have been the problem. Unfrozen water at -17 is the same as unfrozen water at +32.

Ann Althouse said...

Bob: Yeah, it's that cold air on the bare wet body that's going to hurt.