February 5, 2006

The pregnancy weight gain.

It's not just for mothers.


joewxman said...

I guess that explains my cravings for cold stone cheesecake ice cream with triple graham cracker crust and 2 oreo cookies mixed in!

Hold the pickle please.

amba said...

More proof that males and females are just two variations on a theme, with all the same anatomical and hormonal ingredients but different emphases. Also very interesting that the couple reacts as a biological unit.

I read somewhere that on most measures of monogamous vs. polygamous (I think the difference between male and female body size is greater in polygamous species), humans come out somewhere in the middle. So, a prediction: that human males would be affected by pregnancy but not as much; and maybe it varies with the closeness of the couple and the extent to which they share roles.

M Brown said...

My weight gain during my wife's pregnancy was due to a couple of things.
My wife couldn't eat as much at a time, so we ate more frequently. Often, she couldn't finish her meal, and I would eat her leftovers.
At the same time, I spent more of my non-work time sitting still, since she couldn't get out as easily; our favorite exercises, tennis and Pilates, were right out for her.

Mark + food - exercise = more Mark