February 16, 2006

Matt Savoie, skater, law student.

I'm watching Matt Savoie skating tonight and hear that he's going on to law school, to Cornell. Beautiful skate, Matt. Funny to watch you, knowing you'll soon enough puzzle over Palsgraf and Pennoyer. Good luck in law school. Cornell is an excellent place, I think and say, with some closely vicarious experience.


Dave said...

vicarious experience?

You mean because your son goes there?

he who is known as sefton said...
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somross said...

Well, we here in Naperville, IL, are happy that Evan Lysacek managed to overcome his troubles in the short program to skate a great one tonight.

Slopoke said...

I really don't much care for skating, but I am waiting for an intelligent blogger such as yourself (and you are the only one I read on a consistent basis) to start talking about the US curling teams. I know, the women haven't done much, but the men seem to be hanging in there and it's kind of fun to watch.

Chris said...

I think the skip, Pete Fenson, looks exactly like Ed Norton, but apart from that I don't have any thoughts on curling.


vbspurs said...

Why I was Rooting for Matt Savoie and Evan Lysacek

It's not a pretty story.

Fortunately, he got the tin medal.

P.S.: Slopoke, you may be interested in my forthcoming take on the "Strange Allure of Curling", which I haven't seen too many bloggers comment about YET...

...although I can't vouch for my intelligence.

But my mother can!


Wade Garrett said...

I'm sure the high school-aged women and non-traditional men of Ithaca were very happy to hear the news!

I like watching figure skating more than a lot of other guys I know; I especially love it when somebody like Yevgeny Plushenko or Sarah Hughes goes out early and throws a no-hitter, and then the tension mounts as the remaining skaters eliminate themselves one by one.

I can't get over the outfits though. I think the fact that they're actually costumes takes away from the legitimacy of the sport somehow by making it look more like theater instead of elite athletics. If they skated in just tights and a long-sleeved top, I'd personally find it a lot less distracting.

chuck b. said...

A founding partner at the law firm my family uses is the president of the US Figure Skating Assoc. He wrote my grandmother's trust way back when.

This is the sort of random comment I'm always chiming in with in conversation that just seems weird to do on a blog comment post, but I'm doing it anyway. In conversation, I couldn't hyperlink. Here I can. In some ways, blog comments are better than actual conversations.

vbspurs said...

In some ways, blog comments are better than actual conversations.

If ever I heard the truth spoken, it is now. ;)

Obviously, this explains the phenomenon of blogs in general, which is probably two years off, from truly hitting its peak in the mainstream.