February 15, 2006

"Kurdistan is a place of the mind."

But Michael J. Totten has pictures of it.


Too Many Jims said...

I love the Kurds. They have done more for themselves than the other constituencies in that region that we are helping. They have embraced western ideals.

That said, they are a real dilemma for us aren't they? Whether it is "the other Iraq campaign" they rolled out or this piece, the notion that Kurdistan is a separate country imperils a "unified" Iraq and, if they have their way, Kurdistan will drain much of the natural resources of Iraq away from th centralized government.

Even if we don't care about dismantling Iraq (I am not sure we necessarily should given that Iraq as a unified state is largely a western construct) we might want to care about how it impacts our allies. I wonder how Turkey feels about an expanding and autonomous Kurdistan. What happens if in 10 years we have a (semi-)autonomous Kurdistan with resources and the Kurds in Iraq continue to support Turkish Kurds in their fight against a NATO member?

miklos rosza said...

Michael is getting around. Living in Beirut, he's been to Libya, Tunisia, Cairo, Istanbul, Cyprus and now Iraq. He originally planned to go to Teheran, but I'm not sure if that's still viable at this point. Syria became impossible, but maybe he'll hit Jordan. Israel might be the last place before coming home (as an Israeli stamp on your passport renders you persona non grata in almost every Arab country).

This is just a 35 year old man who started out with a blog in Portland, Oregon. He's obviously adventurous.

I was a little worried when Hezbollah called him up and said, "We know where you live!"

And, more recently, because he looks like a Dane.