February 20, 2006

Balanced accidental discoveries.

Every time I mean to watch the Olympics, like tonight, when I was going to watch the ice dancing finals, I mindlessly click on some news site that reveals who won the medals.

But I was cleaning the basement today and I found an old suitcase and, before putting it in the pile of things to be thrown out, I checked inside and found a pair of magenta high-heeled sandals that I'd spent a decade believing and regretting that I'd given away.


Condoleesa said...

The Olympics seem anticlimatic this year.

Glad you found the sandals.

Mark Daniels said...

Your little experience with synchronicity brought a thought to mind: I wouldn't want to try ice dancing on high-heeled sandals, magenta or otherwise. (Although with a keen sense of the ridiculous, my wife does regale people with the story of our first date in January, 1974. It was a bitterly cold and icy night when I showed up at her apartment in my velour shirt, plaid bellbottoms, and black high-heeled shoes, the style for the male of the species in those days. At one point as we left to see 'The Way We Were,' I slipped on the ice and was steadied by my date/future wife, something she's been doing in one way or another ever since. So, I suppose that while not in magenta skating shoes, I have ice danced in high heels before. Unlike many of the participants in that event at Turin, apparently, I didn't take a spill, though I wouldn't have deserved a 10.)

As to the Olympics, it's been more than twenty years since I found them interesting. I can't even remember what I found interesting back then. But I might find digging through your old stuff interesting, especially when accompanied by your commentary

Mark Daniels

chuck b. said...

I just made an unbalanced discovery: pressing the "2" button on my TiVo remote toggles my "Now Playing" list in to and out of tidy organizational folders!

At first we didn't have the folders, and then for several months we did have folders, and then the other day the folders went away again.

It's because I pressed that 2 button!


The other numerical buttons don't seem to serve a discernible function. Discernable?

Joan said...

Could we please see a photo of the sandals? They sound luscious.

Taylor W. Buley said...

Can we get Torino Tucker fired?

vbspurs said...

I checked inside and found a pair of magenta high-heeled sandals that I'd spent a decade believing and regretting that I'd given away.

They were merely on loan to you until Belbin and Agosto could finish their routine.

They would dearly love it back, since there's still some Ukraine ass to be kicked.


vbspurs said...

The Olympics seem anticlimatic this year.

How that is possible, I don't know, since the US are tied for second in the gold medal tally.

But ever since the, to use Reader_Iam's term, lame-o Opening Ceremonies, it's been one huge "eh" from the Italians.

And an Olympics are only as good as its host nation's enthusiasm.

Never mind. Vancouver 2010 is around the corner.

Will Ann still be blogging then?


knoxgirl said...

You need to post a photo of those sandals

Truly said...

Ditto on wanting to see a photo of the sandals. Will they make the transition to the condo?

Speaking of pictures, did you see the portrait of George Clooney on the cover of the NYT magazine? Am I crazy, or does he have cat's eyes (football-shaped pupils)? I didn't much care for George before, but now he really scares me.

Ruth Anne Adams said...
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Ann Althouse said...

Truly: Yes, that was one bizarre photo!

I'll do a photo of the shoes later.