January 8, 2006

Wisconsin political bloggers.

The Wisconsin State Journal has an article on political bloggers in Wisconsin, with some material about me. The paper version has a photo of me, which you can see in this PDF tearsheet, and the caption on the photo refers to this post of mine, blogging about the photographer taking my picture, making this possibly the most self-referential post I've ever written.

So let's check out the other Wisconsin political bloggers cited in the article. I'm replacing the URLs with actual links to the blogs (which the WSJ fails to provide):
Boots and Sabers: Conservative bloggers Owen Robinson and Jed Dorman.

Fighting Bob: Former gubernatorial candidate Ed Garvey and a slate of liberal contributing writers.

Jessica McBride: Former Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter and wife of Waukesha County District Attorney Paul Bucher, a Republican candidate for attorney general.

Paul Soglin: Waxing America: By the former Madison mayor.

Sykes Writes: Conservative Milwaukee blogger and talk show host Charlie Sykes.

The Xoff Files: Liberal blogger Bill Christofferson, the chief campaign strategist for Gov. Jim Doyle's first gubernatorial campaign.

Dennis York: Conservative Madison blogger who writes under a pseudonym.
Waxing America? Is that anything like waxing wroth? (Or waxing Roth, for you Marx Brothers fans.)

Anyway, check them out, especially if you're interested in Wisconsin politics. I only occasionally write about Wisconsin politics. I follow the stories but, unlike these other bloggers, I only write about it occasionally.


olivia1 said...

Hey, looks like I get to be the first to say, "great picture"! Human nature being what it is...that's almost as important as the content.

Ann Althouse said...

Thanks. Notice that I'm reading the NYT, not the WSJ.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Wall Street Journal? Or Wisconsin State Journal? Or Winston-Salem Journal?

Gotta' be careful with those WSJ acronyms.

elliot said...

Note that only two of the seven you listed are primarily known for being bloggers.

The others all seem to have made their reputation through various traditional media outlets and then leveraged it into successful blog sites.

I don't think that's the blogging revolution many of us were hoping for.

reader_iam said...

Trivial irrelevancy, I suppose, but I was struck by the wall color--assuming the photo colors are true, that's pretty much a shade I would have guessed "fits" you.

And your workspace as waaaaayyyyy less cluttered than any of mine are.

reader_iam said...

In a previous life (Before Son), I drove back and forth regularly to a client site in Chicago's north suburbs, not all that far away from the Wisconsin border.

My car radio wasn't so impressive and I'd hit lots of dead zones where I could pick up only a couple of stations (to which I would want to listen--unless I pick the music, I prefer to drive to NPR or talk radio). That's how I ended up familiar with Charlie Sykes. In checking out his blog, I'm hearing it "read" in his voice in my head, an odd quirk I have and can't help. (Same thing happens reading your blog now, Ann, ever since you started podcasting.)

Never saw a picture of him before; I hadn't thought about it particular that I can remember, but for some reason found myself surprised. Huh.

in_the_middle said...

great pic! and i support your use of the wsj meaning the wall st. journal. there's nothing to be careful about. unless you're going to start saying national broadcasting company instead of nbc. no offense to the wisc. state journal, but it was never known as the wsj, always just the 'state journal' when i was a cheesehead-in-residence.

and back then i was dating the daughter of one of the people mentioned here (think football union). seeing his name here (and the fact he has a blog of sorts) reminded me of sitting in his very nice estate on lake mendota (it is cited as the example in webster's definition of liberal elite, i think), dutifully listening to his uber-rants against reagan and the upcoming gw v. dukakis battle. his daughter must have told him i was (back then) your average frat rat republican.

but reading his blog today, sounds like he just rants into the wind at anything and everything anyway (i shouldn't have flattered myself, he probably didn't realize i was at the dinner table!). oh well, they had a great ski boat.

nina said...

I mindlessly picked up the paper in a coffee shop this morning and there you were. I'm getting used to this now. Still, congratulations -- it's a nice little shot with an amusing caption.

Stiles said...


Good picture and on page one below the fold at that!

The article focused on political blogs, an important segment certainly, and didn't note that there is basically a set of blogs for every interest. At least, it mentioned that you write on a variety of topics.

The article noted that many blogs are posted by "anonymous, fact-challenged writers." So, I'll take this opportunity to thank you for sticking to topics that you wish to write about and are in your area of expertise. Your accuracy is welcome.

Ann Althouse said...

Stiles: The reporter interviewed me for a long time, but ended up not using the things I said, which included the revelation that I'm not motivated by the desire to affect politics, that I write for personal expression, and that my choice of topics is just whatever attracts my attention at any given moment.

Nina: Thanks. I haven't even seen the paper in person, and possibly never will.

Stiles said...


You don't take the State Journal, even on weekends? I'm becoming less of a print newspaper reader, but the Sunday paper still has value to me.

Ann Althouse said...

Stiles: Why? What's in it? As I said, I don't read it.

jeff said...

Waxing America... is that like a Bikini Wax?

You know, something that is kinda expensive, totally non-functional, and very expensive... but looks good?

Stiles said...

Well, they put famous bloggers on the front page!

In particular, the opinion section, the ads/circulars/coupons.

What is your major source for local news coverage?