January 19, 2006

"So what happens now? Uh, well, I guess I get to go around giving people the Vulcan salute."

Richard finds out, after a lifetime spent with the name Cohen, that he's a Cohen.


Jake said...

A friend of mine took a DNA test and found out what part of Africa his ancestors came from 186,000 years ago. This knowledge changed his life-for about 10 minutes.

DEC said...

Ah, the desire for status, a basic human motivational factor.

Actually, the information is very interesting.

brylin said...

Richard, you should consider changing your blog colors like Andrew Sullivan did. (I hope you can find a contract like his too!)

This information is valuable if for no other reason than its possible application to medical issues.

somross said...

The funniest response on that site:
"Spock was a Vulcohen?"

Mark said...

Try some powers of two arithmetic to get a feel for how many ancestors you have in a particular generation 2300 years ago (the time of Aaron) or even a mere 1000 years ago. If 25 years per generation is a fair guess, then 40 generations ago in 1000AD would give you one trillion grandparents for that single generation. The population of Europe in 1000AD is estimated at only 36 million. Those of European blood are probably a direct descendent of every single European alive then who has living decendents today. And not in one branch of the tree, but thousands of times over on average.

Taking it back 2300 years (world population est. <27M), we're all very likely direct decendents of Aaron, regardless of race or religion, billions of times over.

Mark said...

Oops, I mean ~3300 years ago for the time of Aaron.