January 25, 2006

"Project Runway"--one week you're in....

Spoiler alert.

Zulema's out! Shocking! She just won last week. Piercing voice of Heidi: One week you're in....

Well, stealing Nick's model... and that "walk off"... and then taking a dress as inspiration for a dress... and then the model you stole hates your dress and is jealous of the model that got to go with Nick....

I thought Kara would get kicked out. She hasn't won yet, and she's seemed like the weakest for a long time. But then I thought Andrae (whom I love) would win, with his water-in-the-gutter, expensive-looking gown.

I love the way sensing the danger of losing has transformed Santino in the last couple weeks. And I loved his imitation of Tim Gunn and his realization of how Tim talks about him when he thinks he's not around.

Great, great show. Don't forget to read Tim Gunn's blog and listen to his podcast.

UPDATE: I've fixed the link to Tim's Blog & Podcast to get you to Episode 8, which I've now listened to. He's quite critical of Zulema, both for the poorly made dress and for taking Nick's model -- Nick's muse. It's hard to adjust to a new model, he says. You get used to your model's measurements, and it's a challenge to start over with someone new. Odd, since last season, they were constantly switching models! As long as I'm here, let me show you Daniel's winning orchid-inspired blossom-blouson:

ANOTHER UPDATE: I was just re-watching the early episode "Clothes Off Your Back," where they first move into the apartment. It's our first look at Zulema. She's taking extra closet space and, when asked to share says "That's not going to happen" and "I don't believe in fairness." She was the Wendy!


Pogo said...

The winning design looked like the model was wearing an inflatable vest to keep from drowning. Do people off of runways ever wear such disasters?

Do women want to wear a dresses that look like traffic signs? If so, why not prefer "Slow Children Ahead"? Or "No Parking on Pavement"? How chic!

(Again, my secret shame for being unable to stop watching Best Show Ever.)

Irene Done said...

Despite the walk-off, there was something so endearing about Zulema and how hard she worked. And Danial V's pep-talk to Nick was just awesome.

"Designers, rock the Casbah" -- and now we completely forgive the producers for protecting Santino from earlier elimination.

Ann Althouse said...

Irene: Oh, come on! Zulema was the Wendy.

Verification word: msztea. A hallucinogen.

tcd said...

Jay McCarrol(sp?) sucked big time as a judge. I thought his comments were really unkind and mean-spirited w/o being insightful. Especially his remarks about Chloe's dress (which I thought was beautiful and evoked her inspiration pic quite well). I was disappointed with him b/c I really liked him in season 1. (He is definitely talented.) His performance in this episode was bitchy and showed him to be ungenerous in spirit.

tiggeril said...

I agree, tcd. What was funny and a little kooky last season just seemed trite and nasty this time around.

Irene Done said...

I know, I know -- Zulema doesn't play nice with others. But on the last two episodes, she won my respect. She practically willed that beautiful Banana Republic dress into being, saving both herself and her teammate. Then her Sasha Cohen outfit had gorgeous sequin work -- wasn't it cute how shocked she was to win? I think Zulema was someone who was, like Pepper, intimidated by the competition and talked big to cover it up. That never bothered me as much as, say, Santino's making fun of Diane.

Adam said...

I wish that winning designers earned immunity for the following week, like they had last year.

If you listen it Tim Gunn's podcast, the construction on Zulema's design was really dreadful, and that sealed the deal.

My final three: Daniel V, Chloe, Andrae. And Andrae's reaction to the walk-off announcement was priceless.

knoxgirl said...

I loved the winning design! I thought Andrae's and Chloe's were both distant 2nds. Chloe had the right idea, but those ribbons around the waist were too distracting.... which is unfortunate, because it seemed like the structural sewing she did was really cool.

I usually love Nick, but he became too much of a baby when Zulema took his model. It really turned me off how he immediately lost all enthusiasm and was so mad. Models change all the time (Last season, at least)...get over it!

Much to my dismay, I am warming to Santino, but Daniel V. is my new fave.

(I am hoping that Jay wasn't as much of a jerk as he seemed to be, and that it was just edited that way. I guess we'll find out when "Project Jay" starts!

jinnmabe said...

My random thought on Project Runway: Daniel just seems like such a nice kid. And I always liked his stuff until this week. I thought Andrae was going to win, too, Ann, so don't feel bad. His was just as beautiful as Daniel's but MUCH more wearable and flattering to his model. Jay was annoying. I have a crush on Nina Garcia, I love the way she talks. I liked Chloe's and my wife has loved everything Chloe's done (although they tell her she's not ambitious enough). I could have designed Kara's dress. Bo. Ring. It SUCKS for Nick's model to get stolen and then, BOOM you're out. Too bad, because she was definitely better than the blond, skinny Rachael. Oh, well.

verification word-hkzkz: the sound I made last night when Zulema was OUT.

Pogo said...

Santino: So deflated from last week, he even stooped like a wilting flower. He seemed to need 100 mg of Runway Viagra or something.

Zulema: More talented and less evil than Wendy Pepper, but too manipulative for her own good. Do reality shows have prospective contestants take a Sociopath Inventory Questionnaire and pick at least one per show, just to keep things "spicy"? Sure seems like it.

Nick: At first, how sad, but then pouting is so unlovely..

Daniel: The dark horse, come from behind nice guy. No one's watching him, and he might win. But what's wrong with his hair? Was he attacked by 5-year-old girls who made a cruel forehead ponytail? What is it supposed to be? His best moment: Snap out of it, Nick!

Jay: Scoffs at Santino, saying "Ha! You think your ego is big, look at my Super Inflated Ego! It will crush you! Worship me!

MD said...

Daniel V's Project Runway bio says he didn't get a chance to get his hair cut before the show, hence, the shaggy dog look. He's spent a bunch of time in Milan, and it shows.

Reading the fashion blogs and technorati links, Daniel is sooooo0 loved by the ladies and gents, alike, but particularly, the ladies. He's definitely paired with the right model - she's baby-baby Gia, she's baby Cindy.

I loved Daniel V's design - loved, loved, loved, loved it's cool, serene organically-geometric shape. I don't care that it isn't wearable - this was about inspiration and he went the furthest. It looked like a flower, it looked like the photo, it was fantasy and it was fabulous. I can imagine it translated for the 'real' woman with the perfect fitting skirt paired with a toned down version (just the waist part with the gathering. Heavenly.) His construction was the best, which probably helped. I mean, technically, it looked the most finished.

Andrae's photo was interesting, and the glittery front of the dress matching the photo was definitely intriguing, but I didn't think it particularly original in shape or execution, and I seriously disliked the back - those awful drapey things struck an off note. Seriously, what were those shoestrings? Still, it was special. Just a bit off.

Jen Bradford said...

These Project Runway marathons are killing me. I'm ashamed to admit how often I've been sucked in to watch several episodes for the second and third time.

I'm with those of you who were turned off by Jay. He redeemed himself in the past by showing he could be a big softie who actually cared about people and couldn't handle being a bitch the whole time (smoking on the balcony with Wendy's mom, I liked him then.)

But he didn't need to be so snarky, since he didn't have much insight to compensate. Part of the reason Tim's podcast is so great is because he has both going on. (I loved his telling them they were going to perform at the prison in those skating outfits. Hilarious.)