January 7, 2006

Does it violate the law to teach that Jesus existed 2,000 years ago?

An Italian court will decide! Luigi Cascioli, who seems to be Italy's answer to Michael Newdow, brought the suit, he says, because he "wanted to deal the final blow against the Church, the bearer of obscurantism and regression." What Italian laws does he cite?

1. "Abuso di Credulita Popolare," that is, Abuse of Popular Belief.

2. "Sostituzione di Persona," that is, Impersonation.

Cascioli, who has singled out one particular priest whom he went to school with, has a book about atheism to sell. I think he should be charged with "Prodezza Diabolica di PubblicitĂ ," that is, Evil Publicity Stunt.


Jacques Cuze said...

Michael Newdow, Ordained Minister, Lawyer, Medical Doctor, True American Patriot.

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And while you're clicking, be sure to visit and donate to the Foundation Foundation, who will be placing Monuments to Our Bill of Rights Across America. My Bill Of Rights Our mission is to promote awareness and respect for the Bill of Rights as the foundation of our individual freedoms, our laws, and the American system of justice, through the design and crafting of Bill of Rights displays to be placed on public lands throughout America, beginning with those sites where displays of the Ten Commandments are currently found.

Jack said...

Well, while I do not disagree with the comment from quxxo, to me it does not seem to be entirely on topic.

Regarding the post itself, how the laws are interpreted in Europe are significantly different than how that task is performed in the US (at least that is the case in France, where I lived until about a month ago). Mr. Cascioli may indeed run a risk of punishment for a "frivolous suit" if the court decides it is indeed without merit and nothing more than a stunt.

Diane said...

The question he should ask the court to decide is proof that Jesus died and rose again, the foundation upon which the Christian Church is built not whether he existed at all. There is a fair amount of historic mention of him outside of the Biblical, by Josephus, Pliny and Tacitus, three historians of that era who had no great love for the first Christians. Would they, Jewish and secular historians, have included Jesus and his later followers in their histories if he had not existed?

Troy said...

And that's not to mention Luke, whose historical account has been supported by archaeology repeatedly. I know I know Q -- only those who deny the existence of Christ are unbiased enough to comment on it.

There is a yahoo at Cal State Long Beach who calls himself ("hisself" as those bassackwards Christians say) a historian who also denies Jesus' existence.

Alcibiades said...

Oh, but it is surely worth it! Just think of the lost opportunities for satire if the case had never been brought. Although, this particular week, there are a number of stories rivaling it

miklos rosza said...

quoxxo wants to get rid of "under God." He probably also wants to take the pyramid off the dollar bill.

Ricardo said...

Aside from the substance of this post. I mean ... you speak Italian? I'm really impressed.

vbspurs said...

Reader_Iam blogged about this story last Tuesday.

(In fact, her blog is a good place to go, as she has an Althousian touch for the interesting, but at the same time, with her own inimitable style)

As for me, I know one thing -- Michael Newdow has a much better chance of having his viewpoints upheld in the US, than Cascioli's does in Italy.


Gadfly said...

quxxo, you go;

It was McCarthyist knee-jerkism that added "under God" in 1954.

And, contrary to the first poster below you, since Althouse raised his name, your comment's perfectly germaine.

TLC said...


FYI, there are plenty of scholars who dispute whether the existence of Jesus was ever noted by Josephus, Pliny, Tacitus, or Suetonius. In many cases those sources reference a "christos" among the Jewish populations, and given the fact that "christos" meant "messiah" and there was no shortage of messianism at that time those references could refer to any number of preachers. Some of the references appear to be to a "Chrestos," which could be something else altogether. Then there's the problem of later Christians dropping lines or even whole passages into those early histories, which can usually be picked out for their stylistic and ideological inconsistencies with the surrounding material (is it really likely that Jew-turned-Roman-official Josephus would refer to Jesus as the Messiah so casually?).



blasphimah said...

hahah finally...i can disprove the bible in a single word: Dinosaurs. there is your proof ;)