January 30, 2006

Blook making.

RLC has gotten a book made out of 90 of his blog posts -- mainly his fiction posts -- using a service called iUniverse. The fiction posts should work especially well redone in book pages, because they don't depend at all on links. A key problem with making a book out of your blog is that the bloggiest things can't be ripped away from their links. It's a good idea for some bloggers to defy some blogging conventions so that their posts are bookifiable. I know RLC realized this from the start.


XWL said...


Talk about bloggy.

Rather than writing, 'more readily published', or 'publishable', bookifiable is an exceedingly 'bloggy' coinage.

I like it.

This is admiration, not criticism.

(I know, hard to tell sometimes)

Ann Althouse said...

Publishable doesn't seem to apply to self-publishing. You can publish anything.

XWL said...

Amend above comment with the following, replace all uses of the word, "publish" with the word "print".

(not only should we be able to edit old posts for spelling errors, but a quick find/replace should be available, too. The horror of seeing an incorrect 'to, too, two' or 'it, it's' left for all posterity to see is almost unbearable. And I'm sure commenters would be honorable enough not to alter the meaning of a post they find being embarrassingly excoriated and refuted with subsequent posts,. . . .or not.)

Same point still applies though, the term 'blook' and 'bookifiable' are exceedingly 'bloggy'.

(I'm wearing out my quota of 'half quotes' with this post, too. Have I been doing 'finger' quotes while composing this, too?)

PatCA said...

Blook is probably a better word than boog...

Ann Althouse said...

Yes, a person writing a boog would be a booger.

PatCA said...

You said it, Ann! LOL.