January 29, 2006

Audible Althouse #34.

Finally, it's time for the 34th entry in this series of podcasts. I've made a significant sonic improvement, I think. Key posts that I've mined for this one are:

The return of Eggagog
Contemplating change
The Winfrey-Frey fray
When a judge writes a memoir
Colbert and the dissonance between religion and comedy

You can subscribe over at iTunes, but you don't need an iPod. You can stream the audio here.


sbutler said...

Podcast sounded great tonight! Whatever you're doing, keep on doing it.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Just a hair over 37 minutes.

Prent Rodgers said...

Ann, You have made a significant improvement in the audio quality with this show. I could hear your voice even when the trucks drive by. It could be even louder without clipping if you wanted. Your peaks are down 12db from 0db, 0db being maximum without clipping. Most podcasters peak at 3-5db, so you are still half as loud as you could be. I really enjoy the discussions of the attic and your decision about moving to a smaller place. Excellent accompaniment to a walk in the rain in the city.