January 3, 2006

Article III Groupie to become Wonkette?

The WSJ Law Blog reports a rumor:
Queen of the blogosphere Ana Marie Cox is said to be handing over the reins at her spicy political blog Wonkette. David Lat, the federal prosecutor who revealed himself to the New Yorker magazine in November as the author of the popular “Underneath Their Robes” judicial blog, is expected to start blogging for the site. Lockhart Steele, managing editor of Gawker Media, which owns Wonkette, declined to comment. We hear that Lat will have a co-editor....

In past posts, Wonkette praised [Article III Groupie's blog] “Underneath Their Robes,” calling it adorably irreverent, deliciously superficial, and winkingly naughty.
Interesting. But being Wonkette can't be the only job for Lat, can it? You can't just be a blogger, can you? What job works for a law person who wants to be able to write an extravagant blog, like Underneath Their Robes or Wonkette? Lawprof? Really? What would the students think? How about the stuffier colleagues?

A separate problem is that Wonkette can't become too law focused. But if Wonkette is really two bloggers and if Lat wants to blog about politics more general (as we law folk tend to do) then there's no real problem there.


AJD said...

What would the students think?!

Curious that that concern apparently has not seemed to result in any restraints on YOUR part.

Lawprof seems perfect to me: you don't really need to know anything, or do anything -- so you have tons of time for a time-consuming egotistical hobby!!!

Charles said...

Who dubbed Wonkette Queen of the Blogosphere? Not to mention who reads her anyway? So this is the death knell of Under the Robes career as anything, eh?

I don't see why you can't be "just" a blogger. Not sure I would give up my day job immediately though.

I like reading Ann's blog. Good mix of subjects, not dull, and a high percentage of things I care about or find interesting.

Palladian said...

I never read "Underneath Their Robes", though I did read Wonkette a couple of times. I suppose she was funny and clever, but I had a hard time with the overly biological nature of her humor. It's just not that "transgressive" to say "butt sex" all the time, just tiresome. I like my irreverence in small doses, with the prurient-o-meter dialed down from 11 a little bit.

Anti-Sheck, it must be tough having such a crush on someone you hate so much. Did Professor Althouse give you a B or something?

PatCA said...

I think Nick Denton must have dubbed her the QOB. :)

Anything is bound to be an improvement. The woman is not funny.

I had a brief fling with chick lit-- I eagerly purchased Bridget Jones Diary on the strength of reviews and though it was trash and not even guilty pleasure trash.

Ann Althouse said...

Palladian: LOL.

I think Cox was considered funny in large part because she was female and saying things like that. For similar reasons, perhaps, Lat posed as a female for "Underneath Their Robes." Now that we know he's a guy, how will he do Wonkette? To be Wonkette, of course, is to pose as female, in a way. But if we know he's a guy, we won't think it's funny in the same way that it was when Cox talked like that. Assuming you found it funny in the first place. I thought Cox was funny and interesting a lot of the time, but there was too much recycling of stock humor ideas. Being very smart, she must have got tired of the Wonkette character.

vbspurs said...

Lawprof seems perfect to me: you don't really need to know anything, or do anything -- so you have tons of time for a time-consuming egotistical hobby!!!

Let's see.

Tenured law professor at a prestigious Midwest University or...

Obsessed commenter-stalker, who spends all day complaining about his target of dissastifaction?

Dude, get laid. And a life.


The Tiger said...

Here's a thought: this would -- if Article III Groupie's politics are Lat's -- push Wonkette to the Republican side.

Very interesting.

Honey Badger said...

Beneath the "spicy" pose, Wonkette always struck me as being a bit of a prude at heart. It's one thing to be genuinely pruriently interested (a la A3G), quite another to luridly tisk-tisk and cackle over it.

"Somebody on the Hill had BUTT SEX! And WAS FORNICATING! And committing SIN in his HEART!!" Chaucer! Rabelais!! BALZAC!!!!

Oh well. I don't read it anymore, so there's no sense in complaining. If that's your thing, more power to you.