December 30, 2005

A year in the life of the blog.

January: I just wrecked my car.

February: Is podcasting good?

March: Is it possible to explain the Schiavo statute on television?

April: "Try to survive a tornado with a post-structuralist"

May: Notes on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

June: Who was inconsistent about federalism in Raich?

July: Tattoos remind you of death

August: Where am I?

September: The Roberts confirmation hearing

October: State Street, pre-Halloween

November: In which I advise local liberal lawyers to support Alito

December: How political is that "gay cowboy movie"?


chuck b. said...

Ann, I'm sooo diappointed. You couldn't find a place to fit The Comeback into your year-blog-life scheme? That's just wrong.

Evan said...

And where's Harriet Miers? I do miss her so, on your blog at least . . .

Ruth Anne Adams said...
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Ann Althouse said...

Sorry, folks. I picked one thing from each month, for reasons of my own. Why focus on what I didn't happen to choose? There were over 100 posts in each month!

reader_iam said...

To be completely banal, where the hell did this year go? If asked, I would have put the car wreck much later, even though I know damn well it was winter.

Ann, I've been following your blog way too long, I guess. It's begun to blur the same damn way my kid's childhood is, not to mention my entire adult life.

Great stuff, good memories.

(But Ruthanne's right about Icepick's quote ... .)

reader_iam said...

"Ruth Anne", for crying out loud! I did that same thing on even her blog in the last day or two.

I'm a no-resolution sort of New Year's girl. But I might have to make another exception on the issue of typos in comment sections.

chuck b. said...

Well, I was just being cheeky.

If I was to encapsulate a year in the life of the Althouse blog, it might look something like this:

January: the car wreck--you and Tonya were so, so lucky.

February: Condi, power and image. I still wonder about the enduring effects of Condi's boot iconography. The grumbling about her shoe shopping during Katrina that brought it all back for me.

March: The unwisdom of the Shiavo statute. What a trainwreck.

April: When Trannies Attack! (just kidding about the re-title.) Your posts about bathroom gender issues always entertain me.

May: I don't think I read much Althouse in May for whatever reason, but I like the Hitchens piece. (I didn't realize you'd blogged Divorce Italian Style. I just rented it myself a few weeks ago; very, very funny!)

June: The Door With Attitude. For some reason, that post really lingered in my mind and I think about it all the time. Confession: I like cranky people and, in general, I don't like children. I like some children, but as a rule I am skeptical about them. Mostly because I'm skeptical about their parents. (Tho' I'm sure Althouse kids rock--well, we know for a fact that they do, so that's that.) I don't begrudge store owners who don't like children because I live near an urban business district that has a lots and lots of problems with kids shoplifting, dealing drugs, littering, leaving graffiti--the whole urban malaise. The kids don't need more loving. They need to be caned and locked in a cave like the kids in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

July: The London subway bombings.

August: The Amsterdam Notebooks-- loved 'em.

September: This was a great month on Althouse, but I'll go with the Roberts hearings blogging.

October: I don't think I read much Althouse in October either, but that's when I started listening to podcasts--in fact, your podcast was the first I ever listened to and it inspired me to listen to other podcasts as well.

November: At the Rotary Club. Just very *American*.

And December goes to the various Brokeback Mountain posts. Folks really chewed the fat on that one.

Slac said...

Holy cow, it's been a whole year since you wrecked your car?

I'm getting old.

Ann Althouse said...

Thanks, chuck b. I wasn't trying to pick the subject that characterized the month but just find a post I liked while mixing up the post types a bit. Amsterdam Notebooks was a series of posts, so it didn't fit too well.

Ron said...

Say! Ann, you could do a reader poll for favorite post! Maybe it would interesting, maybe not...but it would be more branching out, ala the podcast...

(flying fingers typed "poodcat")

Ann Althouse said...

Ron: I was just noticing that I hadn't done a poll in a long time. You gave me the idea of podcasting about old posts. If people want to suggest podcastable old posts, this is your invitation.

Ruth Anne Adams said...
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sonicfrog said...

I was just reviewing my blog and had a startling revelation - tomorrow is also my one year blog-iversary. For some reason I was thinking it was in mid January. Now I have to think of something to write about tomorrow while I work though the light hangover I will possibly have. I say possible because my band, Chris Plays Guitar, is playing in Tulare tonight and I typically don't drink much when I play. I'm weird that way. Plus, unlike some musicians I know who can seem to pull it off, getting blotto really screws up my ability to play and I sound like crap. Not good when you, the bass player, are the one who is trying to hold all the other drunken bandmates together!

Ron said...

Maybe you could podcast about your accident last year...or your enjoyment of Silvio...

Maybe something on some of your RLC posts. (I have no particular post in mind)

Maybe a Madison post?

One of the other comments did mention you hadn't had a blogger dinner in about a blogger podcast over dinner with Nina, et al?

"My Dinner With Fellow Bloggers."

It's got possibilities...

Not now, perhaps, but maybe a "live" podcast outdoors somewhere in the spring...maybe for Solstice...