December 7, 2005

Word of the Year.



Palladian said...

Speaking of which, I just want to say that I HATE HATE HATE the new podcast schedule. I know it's easier on you, that we beggars can't be choosers, that many like the shorter, less frequent podcasts, yes, yes. Nevertheless, I HATE HATE HATE. Audible Althouse withdrawl!

The word "podcast" is strange, in that it references a commercial product (iPod) and that it confuses people ("Do I need an iPod to listen to podcasts?"), but I do like it better than the word "blog". Blaaahhwwwgg. Icky.

Ann Althouse said...

Maybe when I get the new microphone!

Palladian said...

Wow, it didn't come yet? I guess they were serious about the delivery estimate! I hear that mic is very popular.

Paul said...

Podcast is Althouse. Of the odd last few days.
Those others are just trying to fill my iPod with detritus.

Ron said...

Writeable Althouse.
It's a WriteCast.
Of the odd last few days.
Of a podcast called Althouse!

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Loved the ending! Worth the wait.