December 5, 2005

Weblog awards.

Check out 2005 The Weblog Award nominations. This blog is nominated in the Best Law Blog category. And Audible Althouse is nominated in the Best Podcast category. Vote!

ADDED: Things are cranking away slowly over there at the moment, so try again later if you have trouble.


Pete said...

Congratulations, Ann! I've mentioned before, though I'm no fan of your podcasts, I'm delighted to be proven wrong. Clearly I'm in the minority on this.

Best of luck to you in this competition. Couldn't happen to a nicer person.

John Stansbury said...

heh. I can finally say me and Althouse have something in common.

reader_iam said...


Unknown said...

Congrats and gud luck!,in that award you need to wear big suits to make your look elegant in the crowd.