December 27, 2005

"The thief 'went right for the bun.'"

You remember the cinnamon bun that looks like Mother Teresa:

The Bongo Java coffee shop sold T-shirts, prayer cards and mugs with the bun's image until Mother Teresa wrote a letter asking the sales be stopped, before her death in 1997.

[Coffee shop owner Bob] Bernstein said the thief "went right for the bun", ignoring cash lying nearby.


DEC said...

The bun is probably worth a lot of bread.

Goesh said...

I hope they fry the sucker that took it!

Goesh said...

It's hard to say how much dough it would be worth, but I'm sure enough to make it a felony offense.

Goesh said...

The dirty thief's eyes were no doubt glazed over with greed anticipating a pile of money for for his theft. The bastard! A good security camera that could pan the area maybe could have probably prevented this theft - this was no half-baked operation by rank amateurs that's for sure, it took real planning and daring execution. The cops will really have to grease the palms of informants on this case to get it solved given the Mother Theresa connection.

Craig said...

I'd hazard that the thief was motivated by the unreasonably loud music in that place - a tell-tale tart, almost.

Michael Farris said...

This obviously means that cinnamon buns need to be banned ... and maybe bakeries as well.

DEC said...

Police should look for a thief who rolls drunks.

PDS said...

I'll bet dollars to donuts that this was an inside job. And the icing on the cake is that they'll get away with it!

steve said...

That bun looks more like Robert the Bruce's leprosy-ridden father from "Braveheart" than Mother Teresa. But I don't think that anyone would have stolen a "Robert-the-Bruce's-father-with-leprosy-from-Braveheart" bun.

Kell said...

Keep an eye on e-bay. The bun's gonna turn up!

Pastor_Jeff said...

Kudos to all for the bun puns.

Did you hear about the man who sent his taciturn friend a list of his ten best puns, hoping to get him to laugh? No pun in ten did.

verficiation: weldrbsx. A metal-worker at Fenway?

Pastor_Jeff said...

Kell: If police really want to find it, all they have to do is stake out

DEC said...

Kell, the cops won't solve it. To them, it's just another bakery case.

knoxgirl said...

It looks like John Kerry to me

AllenS said...

michael farris,

No, no no. Once you ban cinnamon buns, then only criminals will have cinnamon buns.

By the way. I must have a dirty mind. If Ann hadn't identified that picture, I would have guessed that it was the female sex organ of some little known creature from the forest floor.

girlfriday said...

Am I the only one who thinks this looks like the "Wallace and Gromit" version of Mother Teresa?

Maybe Wallace's love interest, Wendolene Ramsbottom, in "A Close Shave."

vbspurs said...

I saw that mentioned on one of the cable news outlets on Tuesday.

Apparently, on her deathbed yet, Mother Teresa was asked about the whole bun fracas.

To those who don't recall, she had personally sent the owner of the lookalike bun a nice letter asking him to desist from making t-shirts and the like of its image (of her).

But as she lay dying, she was asked about the bun again and what the lawyers should do in future.

She smiled and said, "The owner had better find a bun which looks like the new Mother Superior".

Mother Teresa rawked.


vbspurs said...

The bun is probably worth a lot of bread.


The dirty thief's eyes were no doubt glazed over


Anyway. If we're pointing fingers, I'd point them to the Police.

Everyone knows they can't resist fried dough.


Mickey said...


Matt Brown said...

What kind of drink goes with a years-old bun that's been glazed with schellac? I'd say milk but it may need something a bit stronger to wash it down.

BrianOfAtlanta said...

Yes, but acetone has such an aftertaste. On the other hand, alcohol dissolves shellac.

Elizabeth said...

Oh yes, Oh yes, the thief
went for the bun, the bun
Oh yes, the thief went right
for the bun

(apologies to Kander and Ebb)