December 17, 2005

Owning the slur.

It's all the rage. Check the "uh-oh" update.


Ruth Anne Adams said...

Is the DtP link incorrect? The first one, not the second one.

mcg said...

Hmm, link says "not found" :(

Ann Althouse said...

MCG: Fixed now. Sorry.

Motor 1560 said...

I, for one, am enjoying this little dust up completely. The first few times I clicked over to PJM, the lyrics to Peggy Lee's great song, Is That All There Is ran through my mind. That's probably because I eat way too much really hot salsa and only rarely enjoy rice pudding; as comfort food.

Then the real fun began as egos were engaged and came smoking off the line like dragsters with their tires lit up.

So, forgive me if I put a couple of sixers of Bohemia beer in the fridge, open the greasy brown bag of La Tolteca chips and dip and sip.

Right off hand I can spot a couple of entries running far out of class. Gonna have to spot them about eight or ten car lengths to even things up.

Sippican, thank you for "derision piƱata".

reader_iam said...

Well, that was fun.

And did you know that if--Oh Lord, why do I DO these things?--you Google "shrewish hard-on" you quickly find yourself with links to such disparate things as "The Story of the Heath Slayings" at the Online and Medieval & Classical Library and a Village Voice review of "Up Your Ass," the Valerie Solanis play that Andy Warhol "lost" decades ago, but was later recovered?

Let your minds run wild ...

(rotflol--for real)

reader_iam said...

Or close enough to the floor, anyway.

DEC said...

"Oh here she comes
Watch out boy she'll chew you up
Oh here she comes
She's a maneater."

OddD said...

Isn't that ironic--no, wait, I mean: predictable.

A voice in the MSM slurs the blogosphere as the pajamahadeen, giving PJM their name. Which in turn labels its own opposition with its own slur, gleefully adopted.

Life is a comic book.

Ann Althouse said...

OddD: Yes, exactly. And when they tried to lose it, it came back. And they tried to lose it to gain gravitas, and slipped and looked all foolish and amateurish.

SippicanCottage said...

Motor1560- It's hard for me to express how enchanting it is to hear that I assembled some words and amused another person.

But I am nothing, sir, NOTHING compared to a man who knows how to put the little tilde over the "n" in pinata. Sippican salutes you sir.

PS- I clicked on your name and saw that you research public transit in LA. Funny. My brother and his father in law drew the map for public transit in LA 10 or 15 years ago. He said he's never worked so hard on anything that no one would ever read.

Pooh said...

RIA, when you keep coming up with these links, I really, REALLY begin to worry about you.

Though I'm still mystified as to how/why John Cole got invovled in this whole kerfluffle to begin with.