December 21, 2005

Martha's "Apprentice" -- the finale.

Did you watch that? Martha was terrible! Was she just pissed off that her show got cancelled? She didn't even try! She deserves to be fired, as she already was. Scripted. Zombie-like. She did the least possible to say: Okay, who cares anyway? Dawna you get the job. (As if there was ever any doubt.) Martha put absolutely no oomph into the process. She made it utterly dull! Martha, I want my money back!! Chez Althouse, we were talking about what a genius the Donald is. What a TV personality! How much tension and excitement he creates. Martha could hardly be bothered to go through the motions. And then all that pimping of her new magazine! Horrible! Plus, she looked obese and was wearing an atrocious black and orange costume. What was that? Was she spitting in the face of the network? Well, good riddance. Go back to your daytime slot. "The Apprentice" belongs to the Donald. No imposters accepted!

UPDATE: Here's my theory on the atrocious black and orange outfit Martha wore. I think there must have been some idea of doing the live finale set with a Christmas theme. It's just a few days before Christmas, and Martha is known for her extensive Christmas decorating ideas. Maybe the network refused to give her the money to do things nicely, so she got irked and dressed in the Halloween colors.


Ricardo said...

Uhh, Ann. How do you really feel about Martha's Apprentice? You need to stop bottling up your feelings.

But it WAS a disaster. Bethanny seemed not to get along with anyone, and Dawna only looked good when she was piloting that boat with her wind flying in the air. I kept hoping for Rebecca (from Donald's Apprentice) to come out and be offered the job working for Martha ... as kind of a crossover Apprentice surprise on the audience. But Rebecca probably has a million better job offers by now. And she's probably "had it" with all of the Apprentice shows by now. Personally, I think they should hang up both of these shows. Martha's has run it's course, and the finale of Donald's was soooo very unsatisfying in some unfathomable way.

Dave said...

I didn't watch Martha, but your description doesn't surprise me. I never thought she was especially good on TV.

Matt Brown said...

Martha's main issue is that she is very concerned about her image. She wants to come across as nice and sweet, so that people will buy her books, DVD's, magazines, K-Mart products and whatnot. The Donald's personality (gruff, exacting) doesn't really factor into his line of business, so he can act as he wants to on "The Apprentice." Martha's too concerned about not crossing the line between firmness and bitchiness - she's too concerned about decorum. If she didn't care how she came across, the show would have been a lot more fun.

Freeman Hunt said...

Ouch, the final hiring was kind of mean. "Bethenny, you suck. F*** off and die. Dawna, you're hired."

Don't they usually pad it up: "Both of you are extremely qualified. Candidate A I like X, Y, and Z about you. Candidate B I like M, N, and O about you." Nothing like that here.

Pete said...

Thanks for the Apprentice blogging, Ann. (I was out of town and unable to access the Internet during the Trump finale so I couldn't thank you for the Apprentice blogging then. But thanks for that, too.)

For this obsessive/compulsive, I'm just glad this show is over and I can get my Wednesday nights back. I'm still a Martha fan but this version turned out to be not her greatest moment. And what's with no satisfying end to Jim? He deserved a bigger comeuppance than he got. Grrr.

No, time to put this behind us and forget it ever happened. Good for Dawna. Now, let's just move along, shall we?

Irene Done said...

There was one moment that almost made the whole show worthwhile -- when Alexis was talking to Martha and became so irritated that her mother was playing with a Blackberry, she actually scolded her: "Are you listening to me?" Maybe a better show concept would have been a search to find a selfless, attentive new mother for Alexis.

Doug said...

This finale was pathetic on so many levels it wasn't funny. The only one who seemed to know what he was doing on either team was, ironically, Jim.

PatCA said...

I agree. The whole thing was so scripted it was a moment of reality interest, and the contestants just weird. Jim. What can you say?

The circus atmosphere of reality TV is the totally wrong forum for Martha. The Donald is a big vulgarian and fits right in. I got real tired of her forced giggling all to prove how nice she is.