December 29, 2005

If you like the Audible Althouse theme music.

If you like the theme music on my podcasts, you might want to stream these two songs by Lucas Cates. Brit Rice, who worked on the podcast theme with my son John, plays the drums and percussion.


Rick Lee said...

Wow... that song "4everytime" deserves to be a huge hit. It's just great... and the percussion is a big part of it BTW.

vienalga said...

I agree with Rick. (BTW, I really learn from your site). I love the big 'ol low tom fills on "Contradictory", so retro! It's nice to hear real drums again in pop music. Persevere, guys, it's a tough business.

Theo Boehm said...

Ann, I hope you don't mind that I called your theme music "funky" on another post. I also called it "charmingly personal." In any event, vienalga's right about the drums and the business. Of course things have changed with the introduction of online music sales. Whether musicians make any more money selling through these sites remains to be seen. If you like this guy's stuff, or anybody else's for that matter, buy it! Don't just stream the songs a time or two and say, "Yeah, that's nice," or, God forbid, share files. Buy the music! Musicians can't eat compliments.

Broadjam is a nicely done site. Another one you might want to check out is They have all genres and pay their musicians 50% of the gross. I know a couple of people who sell their music there, and they actually get paid a little money. Magnatune's motto is, "We are not evil," which is an extravagent claim in the music business.