December 15, 2005

"I got to smell the trees, feel the wind in my hair, grass under my feet, see the stars at night."

"It took me straight back to childhood being outside on a summer night." Sensitive guy. Too bad he didn't notice those simple pleasures back when it seemed like a good idea to murder his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend.


Goesh said...

- well he can be hung in the fresh air then, and let him walk the gallows on a pretty day and set a few potted flowers at his feet

reader_iam said...

Thompson said he rode trains for more than two days to the Shreveport, Louisiana, area and posed as a Hurricane Katrina refugee to get some money before he was arrested there.

You know, I know it's so not the point of the story or even of your post, but damn! Did this bit bug anyone as much as it bugged me?

What a louse (not that that's worse than being a murderer, but, you know, it does sort of ice the cake)!

reader_iam said...

Bug, bugged and louse.

Not on purpose. Just weird how my mind works.