December 17, 2005

George Bush's Year in Review.

From JibJab. (Via Meatriarchy.) You'll have to sit through a (cute) ad, but it's well worth it.


chuck b. said...

No tasteless recollections of Terry Shiavo, eh?

Motor 1560 said...

I'm noticing that a few commenters today seem to have the day off from their jobs.

chuck b.: when we wan't anything more than "Super size that?" from you we'll let you know.

chuck b. said...

My feelings are so hurt I'm going to go cry now.

Joan said...

As usual, it's a great song, but the real story is that Bush's approval ratings have been climbing now that the White House has finally decided it can speak up and, you know, defend its policies, and call its opponents on their lies.

It has been a helluva year, though.

Eli Blake said...

Everything the man touches, turns to garbage (the 'reverse Midas' touch). Thank God he won't get to touch Social Security.

Not saying that there won't need to be some tough decisions made, but his solution, privatization, failed in England, and luckily the American people spoke loud enough to their representatives that it won't be tried here.