December 27, 2005

"But, somehow, life is warmer and closer, the hearth burns more redly..."

"... the lights of home shine softer on the rainy street, the very names endeared in verse and music cling nearer round our hearts."

A quote from Robert Louis Stevenson, about being born in Scotland and not England. From his 1894 obituary. The news came from Apia, Samoa, that he had suddenly died of "apoplexy" and "was buried on the summit of Paa Mountain, 1,300 feet high."


Ricardo said...

"I do not want to live to be old. I am ready to go at any time. I consider that a man who dies at forty-five years of age is to be envied. I can imagine nothing worse than to grow to be a helpless old man, a burden to one's friends, seeing one's powers gradually weaken, one's ideas exhausted and pleasure in life gone. Far better it is to pass away in the prime of life, at the height of popularity, when one's fame has reached it's summit, and then be mourned by everybody."

(RLS, his final years in Samoa)

P. Froward said...

"Home is the sailor, home from sea,
And the hunter home from the hill."

I wouldn't mind having written that one. And N. C. Wyeth illustrated his books, too.