December 20, 2005

Blogger glitch.

Lately, I've been having the problem of a comments page not opening. You end up on a "page not found" page. I'm always able to solve the problem by republishing the post, but I don't always notice that it's happening. Sometimes someone emails me or comments in another thread to let me know, and I appreciate that. Sometimes I'll go a long time just wondering things like: how come no one's commenting on the "Heaven" post? -- and then, eventually, it will dawn on me that it's that glitch again. So, if you were thinking of commenting before and couldn't, so to speak, get into Heaven, please try again.


Harkonnendog said...

I had that problem a couple of times... Seems like hitting refresh makes it load okay.

Pooh said...

If you've changed your template at all, blogger does weird things to posts first published before the change until you "republish all", not just republish the index. Not sure if that helps, but there you go.

AnechoicRoom said...

As of half an hour ago ..... I've been delisted from Google.

Search term: Anechoic Room.

Still shows as very first result on MSN search, and still two on Yahoo search. Totally disappeared from Google (even site or link search). Gone.

Google Blog Search, unchanged (no problem).

[Merry Christmas Elmo]

Eli Blake said...

Well, blogger is a free service, and the old adage about that is you get what you pay for.

Caveat Emptor.

chuck b. said...

I've had all kinds of problems with the Althouse blog lately, especially on Firefox. Sometimes the blog gets "stuck" on one day and doesn't update for several days. (This led me to make an especially clueless-looking comment on an Althouse post several days ago.) Also, the number of comments shown on the front page does not update.

Works much better on Explorer, although I do get the "page not found" message from time to time too.

Maybe you should "republish blog"?

I really have no idea.

nypundit said...

chuck, I've had the same problem in FireFox. What seems to help is if you clear out your cache. But usually refreshing the page works just as well.

reader_iam said...

If you refresh Ann's front page--even if you've just entered--the number of comments will then update, and also the latest posts will then appear. I now do it automatically. It's as if the browser gloms onto a particular page view and won't let go unless you force it to referesh.

That's not just her blog, though; I have to do it on mine and a number of others when using Firefox. The odd thing, it seems to be specifically blogspot blogs and, as noted, specifically in Firefox. No idea why.

Sitemeter's been hinky for a couple of days, too, at least for me.

Can technology get the Christmas--sorry, holiday--blues, too?

chuck b. said...

NYpundit--thank you! Clearing the cache worked (alas, refreshing did not).

I would never have connected Blogger problems w/ my cache. I guess I don't really understand the cache. (Is the Firefox cache different than Explorer's cache?)

I empty my browser files at work all the time, but rarely at home.

CCMCornell said...

Ditto on problems with the index page not updating via Firefox. I only started noticing that this or last week. It may have something to do with Firefox 1.5 to which I just updated - and compiled from source via Gentoo's Portage, so a weird custom build might have something to do with it. Refreshing all day yesterday did nothing, but it just worked now. Going directly to post pages to check up on comments did seem to work.

I avoided clearing the entire cache - is there a way to clear the cache for one site?

sonicfrog said...

chuck b said:

" Sometimes the blog gets "stuck" on one day and doesn't update for several days."

I use two computers to surf the web (cause one is not enough, and I'm a total geek). The above problem happens on my box running windows, but hasn't seemed to do it when I'm using Linux. Curious.

John said...

working on my own anti-spamming server configuration, I can tell you that you're getting some of this behavior. most of the time it's because I'm coming from another page, strait to the domain. hitting refresh it loads fine.