December 12, 2005


I love this blog! If you're at all interested in architecture or photography, you should go there right now.


mark said...

Wow. All I can say That's just good stuff, over there.

Jonathan said...


Dave said...


Good blog.

peter hoh said...

Nice mix of high and low culture, micro and macro, and quirky without being too quirky. Hmm. Sounds like a winning formula.

Bldgblog is a great blog -- accessible, interactive, timely, chatty. Everything you'd want in a magazine, but more so. I'm always attracted by architectural magazines, but there's not much there beyond the pictures, and I'm always disappointed. This site is better than a magazine, and I'll be going back for more.

A few years ago, I heard someone argue that most books today ought to have been magazine articles instead. Maybe a corollary to that idea is that today, most magazines ought to be blogs.

Matt Brown said...

See? If I won Powerball, I'd build a home based on a blueprint of a place on this site - it certainly wouldn't be a geodome or a replica of Mount Vernon.