December 15, 2005

Baby thrown from burning building.



nypundit said...

I'm glad that the person who caught the baby was a rugby player and now a football player. Otherwise he may have tried to spike the ball after the catch. :)

Goesh said...

thanfully they didn't have to play hot potato with a burning baby either.....

Goesh said...


SippicanCottage said...

You know, when you distill them, all religions boil down to: Life has meaning. They manifest, each in their own way, the dogma that each believes will support and spread the idea: Life has meaning.

Some people only see the irrational aspects of dogma, and think they can jettison it and still be moral in a sort of ethical universe. But they still think: Life has meaning.

Few people have both the intellectual and emotive horsepower to capture the essence of the human condition,even if you can tree an example of it, and hold it long enough to examine it.

But some obscure person pointed a camera at some strangers, and reminded me, and I expect others:

Life has meaning.

Dave said...

Here's what I don't understand about the story.

Doesn't a one-month-old need his head constantly supported, as the muscles in the neck have not developed enough for the baby to hold his head on his own?

If that's the case, wouldn't the baby have suffered severe whiplash from the sudden deceleration accompanying the guy catching him?

(Yes, whiplash is better than the alternative. But still. All the reports claimed the baby was uninjured.)

Goesh said...

The guy used sort of a braking action with the catch allowing his arms to flex down

Pastor_Jeff said...

It used to be a stock image in movies, cartoons and even circus sketches when I was growing up: a woman standing at the window of a burning building, yelling:

"Save my baby!"

That story showed how powerful and meaningful those words really are.

I think my kids will get extra hugs and kisses tonight.

Joe Hogan said...

The funniest comment I heard about this incident was by one of yesterday's hosts on MSNBC. He said that the NY Jets ought to sign up the man who caught the baby. At least we know he has good hands.