December 11, 2005

Audible Althouse, #25.

Does the theme song still fit if I only podcast once a week? Do I deserve a "best law blog" award? Should Congress impose cameras on the Supreme Court? Can the Court write crisper opinions? Can bloggers write crisper posts? Should virgins wear rings that tell the world they are virgins? Did the girl who thought my brother's friend was Bruce Springsteen have a more intense experience than I had sitting two feet away from John Lennon and Yoko Ono? What can we know about ourselves from the things we keep secret and the thing we fail to do? And what do I mean when I say to live freely in writing?

Here's the new podcast, 45 minutes long.


Ruth Anne Adams said...

That was the best one yet.

In the Catholic Church, we confess our sins of commission and our sins of omission--the things we have failed to do. Priests I know have said that the sins of omission are more difficult to recognize and more difficult to repair than the sins of commission.

Do you think that your blogging--and your yearning to live freely in writing--is a way to repair those [not sins, but] omissions in your younger days?

Simon said...

Re Fair v. Rumsfeld - your comment about being on the faculty of a law school involved in FAIR reminded me. Isn't Justice Ginsburg's husband also on the faculty of a law school invoved in FAIR?

Ann Althouse said...

Simon: I think at some places faculty members signed up individually. There was some discussion here about whether there is an entity "the faculty" that's capable of being a party.

Simon said...

Well, I guess what I'm driving at is, one hopes that Mr. Ginsburg is not signed up - otherwise that would put his wife in an awkward position, wouldn't it? I mean, Scalia was asked to recuse himself because he went hunting with a party to a case, and the left went nuts when de declined; Ginsburg is married to someone who may well be a party to a case, directly or indirectly. IMHO, neither of them should have to recuse, but does Ginsburg's non-recusal in FAIR mean that we've seen the end of people complaining about Scalia's refusal to recuse in the Cheney case?

Palladian said...

Just want to again add that I prefer the twice weekly schedule!

What's with the theme song twice coming into the podcast unexpectly, once at about 4:33 minutes in, the second time at about 23:08. It's quite startling! Not as bad as the cough from a couple podcasts ago, but still a little frightening!

Ann Althouse said...

Palladian: I have trouble with my software stalling and leaving a gap, so I thought I'd experiment with using the music, which I've thought of using as a bumper between stories. Hope it didn't disturb you too much!