December 4, 2005

Audible Althouse, #24.

Here. Internet Addiction Disorder, the turn away from medicating one's sexual and emotional problems, encountering solitude, buying Christmas presents for yourself, fussing over your "food swings," what disco means to Camille Paglia, what John Lennon means to me, who belongs in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and what to think of a high school that outs a gay student to her mother. 46 minutes.


mango said...

Both my father and his best friend were, at one point, accountants. My father quit accounting to sell mufflers, his best friend quit only when he retired. A funnier, more interesting, wacky, pair you've never seen. The two of them play competitive scratchers-lottery tickets. And trash talk each other the whole time. Funniest thing ever. Maybe you just have to be there.

But definitely not bland.

Ron said...

Yes, I think that if there were an internet roughly 120 years ago, Nietzsche might well have had a site named Thus Blogged Zarathustra!

"Has not the InstaHermet in this forest heard that Open Source Media is dead?"

Pete said...

Length. Length and nothing, nothing at all about either Apprentices. That, my dear Ann, is why I will not download your podcast.

Saddens you, I know.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

It seems to me that your theme song needs to be updated if you insist on this once-a-week podcasting. Seven days is a week, not "odd last few days".

Audible Althouse. It's a podcast of the odd last *week* on a blog called "Althouse".

Doesn't fit.

The other solution, of course, is to podcast more often.

Ann Althouse said...

Maybe I will.