November 14, 2005

A Veteran’s Day parade in Madison.

Thought you'd like to know:
University of Wisconsin students and community members celebrated American veterans by holding the first Veteran’s Day parade in Madison in over 20 years Friday.

Coordinated by the Associated Students of Madison’s Support the Troops Campaign, nearly 70 Wisconsin and UW veterans, family members and supporters participated in the parade.

Accompanied by the UW Alumni band, participants marched down Gilman Street and State Street to Library Mall, concluding the parade with a commemorative silence in front of the Wisconsin Historical Society headquarters.


vbspurs said...

Did you attend, Ann? Pics?

Quoting the Badger Herald:

“What we want to say is that Madison does support its veterans,” he said. “It’s not a right or left issue; it’s about supporting the ones that gave us our freedom, the ones that fought and sacrificed so much.”

Somewhere along the line, with the advent of the Vietnam War, supporting your country's military became a right-or-left issue.

And that's the thing I most hate about that era.

Honouring your countries' veterans shouldn't have to be defaulted to conservatives. I deeply resent that it is.

And I say that as a Conservative par excellence.

Thanks for posting this. After the PBS special on the National Guard riots on the UW-Madison campus a fortnight back, it was a welcome story.


Ann Althouse said...

I didn't know about it until I read it just now.

whit said...

No Veterans' Day Parade in 20 years? That is sad commentary on Madison, Wisconsin.

PatCA said...

Wow, that's really something. Our campus had an event, but only to honor the Mexican-American vets!

Bob said...

That is surprising, what with the wonderful military veteran's museum across from the state capitol.