November 25, 2005

"Unprepared? Been There, Done That."

Michael Brown is starting a disaster preparedness consulting firm.


Jacques Cuze said...

Isn't hiring Brown in this capacity an admission (usable in the media, and in court) that you are incompetent?

Telecomedian said...

Either that, or somebody who really hates their town. I can picture a couple of sports' team owners contacting Brown to see if a little "natural disaster" could get them out of their leases.

Bruce Hayden said...

I pointed this out to my father yesterday morning. We thought it was quite hilarious. And he is going to be running that consulting business not too far from me here (out of Boulder).

But then, maybe that is why he thinks it will fly. Plenty of new age quackery does just fine in the PRB (People's Republic of Boulder). This is no worse than a lot of what sell very well there.