November 7, 2005

The unpajama'd Jarvis.

Jeff Jarvis is talking about Pajamas Media here and here. He's especially stirred up about their choice of Judith Miller as the keynote speaker at their new-name-unveiling event. But he also doesn't get their business model. And, like me, after blogging negatively about PM, he got a phone call from Roger L. Simon. Now, Joe Gandelman is picking up the Jarvis-Pajamas story. Joe, is that your phone ringing?


john(lesser) said...

This is kind of funny. Jarvis reminds me of Mr. Mackey from South Park.

Tango Mike said...

Jarvis is more like the Andy Rooney of the blogsphere... "you know what I don't get is _________." He is just as cranky as well.

Jacques Cuze said...

If you took the measure of Roger L. Simon's intelligence and multiplied it by Jarvis' and added one to it all, you would be left with nothing to show for it at all.

Both these guys are cute little idiots with little to say, creating and filling the "democrats left me" niche.

Simon is more of a racist, if that's your sort of thing. Jarvis has the edge on pure drool per hour. Pick your poison.

Charlie (Colorado) said...

Roger's a racist? quxxo, have you actually read Roger's blog?