November 12, 2005

"Tracy should never have had children. Tracy didn't like children. She didn't like no one. Tracy wasn't affectionate with nobody."

The words of a member of Tracina Vaughn's family.
[P]rosecutors say... that Ms. Vaughn put her two boys in the bath on Sunday night and wandered off to another room to play CD's. Her current companion, Gary Young, poked his head in after 15 or 20 minutes and, though he did not see Dahquay, assumed the boy had tucked himself behind the shower curtain and then went out for diapers and some beer.

Twenty minutes later, give or take a few, Ms. Vaughn checked on the boys herself.

The boys were 3 years old and 16 months old. The younger child, Dahquay, drowned.

I SHOULD ADD: The linked article, which is quite long, is an effort to portray the mother in a sympathetic light.


Dave said...

A lot of the urban poor should never have had children. And yet, when they do have children, the policy seems to be "reunite these kids with their degenerate parents at any cost possible." Including, apparently, death.

Society needs tools to be able to accurately assess a parent's fitness to raise children.

Contrary to what some religious people will argue, raising children is not a "privilege" or a "right": it is a very time-consuming, highly expensive, labor-intensive endeavor. It is also not something that one can learn via "training" or whatever other feel-good mantra you put forth. There are people who do not have the skills or temperament to be parents.

PatCA said...

I'm sure when the WaPo gets around to "apportioning blame," their finger will point at "society," meaning "racism." For instance, her parents are portrayed as somewhat normal except for the father's drinking and perhaps mental illness, yet the mother died of AIDS! How did this terrible family history come to be?

If anything, society is to blame for destroying the black family through the last three decades of soul destroying welfare dependency.

Joe Baby said...

It sounds like Tracy is going to have some problems in getting along with her cellmates.

wildaboutharrie said...

This is so terrible on so many levels, but bathtub drownings happen in all kinds of families. You can't leave a baby or toddler alone near water. Somehow, some people don't get the message.

Sorry, I know that's not the point of this post...

knoxgirl said...

The government can't be in everyone's home, checking to make sure they're good parents. But they KNEW this woman was a problem and gave the kids back. Disgusting.

Ole said...

Natural selection. Whew.