November 12, 2005

"These people are insane."

Said Jordan's King Abdullah.


Sloanasaurus said...

There are whispers that this could be the tipping point for Sunni arabs against Al Qaeda. Lets hope so.

Zarqawi has proved with this attack that he will kill even Sunni arabs. It is clear from the evidence that the sunni muslims themselves were the target - they were not just bystanders.

It's disgusting that we have to wait this long for the Sunnis to join the fight... better late than never.

XWL said...

I hope we are witnessing both the end of the beginning, and the beginning of the end of Al Qaeda's influence over Islam (which at times has been considerable).

Hatred and envy are ideologies that can drive you only so far (and leads off of a cliff, lemming like).

Engagement with the secular west while holding on to their unique values should be a no-brainer for muslims.

I believe we are watching the crumbling of one pillar of Islamic extremism and soon the crumbling of Iranian Shi'a extremism will follow.

The death-throws won't be pretty, won't be without violence, and won't be without carnage, both there and here.

History has many parallels and shows that often when nihilistic hate-mongerers realize the end is near they tend to try and take as many people with them, so even as victory gets closer, the carnage could become more intense and personal.

Now is not the time to lose nerve, now is the time for 'blood, toil, tears, and sweat'

Sloanasaurus said...

Victory over Al Qaeda is achievable despite what many argue. If we are victorious in Iraq, the Islamist movement will die out for lack of victories. Bin Ladin made the mistake fighting us in Iraq. He should have ignored us there and taken his fight directly to the west.

Instead of victory, Al Qaeda has suffered defeat after defeat. Its hard to continue recruiting when you don't win.

EddieP said...

Obviously Zarqawi doesn't believe in Zawahiri's advice to stop killing muslims and focus on the US and coalition troops. This attack in Jordan might well prove to be a tipping point unless Zarqawi changes tactics.