November 10, 2005

Finally some recognition for a Wisconsin achiever.

Johnny Lechner, the "genius of self-promotion" who has made a lucrative career out of not graduating from college, makes the front page of the NYT:
[T]he makers of Monster Energy Drink deliver 30 cases a week, along with advertising posters and condoms, to the house where Mr. Lechner lives and parties, in exchange for his endorsement of Monster as "the official energy drink" of his 12th college year.

He has signed with the William Morris Agency, which is marketing a reality television series based on his life at the University of Wisconsin at Whitewater. And in recent days he has referred to interviews with The New York Times on his personal Web site, anticipating new publicity from this article.

The dizzying whirl of sudden celebrity has not been easy, Mr. Lechner said.

"I'm really stressed out," he said. "All the money, the book deals, the agents. It's just crazy."
Of course, he has a website. How could you even begin to be a genius at self-promotion without a website. Clearly, he's doing especially well by remaining a student, so any arguments about how he needs to get on with his life don't make sense. Worry about graduates who are going nowhere, not him.


Icepick said...

After twelve years he's already a senior? What a piker! Now if he was still doing his lower division (first two years) work, that might be something. As it is, the "fame" that this guy has achieved is just another indication of standards in this country going to hell in a hand basket. Back in the day, this guy wouldn't have even been thought of as a good amateur slacker.

[Hi, Mrs. Icepick! I hope you didn't choke on your drink reading this!]

DaveG said...

I choose to worry about other students that may see him as a role model.

katiebakes said...

I'd take Van Wilder over him any day.

the Rising Jurist said...

It's been twelve years and he's accumulated only twice the required course hours, not three times? What a wasted opportunity.

jeff said...

I guess he must be a good enough and personable student - with that many credits, I suspect quite a few institutions would simply say, "Here's your Bachelors in General Studies - go away."

PatCA said...

"I'm really stressed out," he said. "All the money, the book deals, the agents. It's just crazy."

Go have a beer--it'll take the edge off.

Tom T. said...

Several million Germans are reading this article and thinking, "12 years in school -- so what is der big deal?"

Wade_Garrett said...

When he started college, his current girlfriend was in 4th grade, and that is in no way depressing.