November 17, 2005


They're talking about Felix the Cat over on Metafilter (with lots of good links). Don't you like Felix the Cat?


Goesh said...

I was always a Heckle and Jeckle man -

reader_iam said...

I do!

But I can never see or read that name without remembering that I once, as an early teen, got mixed up and made some sort of comment about "Fritz" the cat at the dinner table during some official faculty family event. (I'd probably overheard my parents talking but didn't understand the reference. Who knows why I had that name in my head?)

This being around about, oh, '73 or '74, you can imagine how this might have been a conversation stopper for one of those brief moments which, I can now understand, seem like an eternity when you're a parent and are utterly mystifying when you're a kid.

Funny the things you remember from your childhood ...

SippicanCottage said...
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amba said...

Krazy Kat is even better.

Jamie said...

He's a wonderful, wonderful cat.

sonicfrog said...

Felix was nice and all, but I personally didn't find him all that wonderful. And it was never quite clear exactly what was in his "bag of tricks". It's a good thing he retired. How could he ever get that bag though airport security. He would hold up the line for hours. But at least he could leave his bag at home. What would the Master Cylinder do? Oh, well. He's probably funneled enough of his ill gotten gains to be able to buy a private jet.

PS. Felix trivia. While television was being developed, he was one of the first image to be successfully transmitted and viewed on a TV screen.

Steven Taylor said...

Jamie beat me to it.

Indeed, I was surprised that wasn't the very first comment.

When I was 5 I thought he was pretty cool. And who couldn't like the Master Cylinder?

cyberbini said...

I always get Felix and Fritz the cat mixed up. Robert Crumb's comics are repellant.

I know Ann likes Crumb. It shows you can like and admire a person without liking everything about them.

For example, here is one of my favorite things ...

Penn State 35 Wisconsin 14.

whit said...

Talkin bout my generation. My generation.

Fritz was far out, man.

Troy said...

Mighty Mouse would kill and eat Felix.

Super Chicken anyone?

Brendan said...

Give me Underdog or give me death.

vbspurs said...

I barely remember the Legion of Doom and the Super Friends -- and I'm supposed to remember Felix the Cat??

Well, I do like Betty Boop, and I'm not 70 years-old.

Let's compromise and say I like Little Lulu.

P.S.: "Felix the Cat" was the moniker given to the World Cup 1970 Brazil goalkeeper, whose reflexes and talents were anything but catlike. He was the weakest link in the world's greatest soccer side ever.


XWL said...

How can you like Felix?

Anti-intellectual (Poindexter isn't a very sympathetic character, and of course that character gave us the word poindexter as another word for egghead), anti-very loud eskimo(VAVOOOM, what was all that about?) and clearly inspired by psychotropic substances (surreal, dream-like, kind of bizarre).

Which reminds me, still far better than some of the stuff that gets repeated ad nauseum for kids of more recent vintage (Ed, Edd, Eddy, yucch).

Of course if you want the real deal seek out Little Nemo illustrations (Winston McCray was GOD).

(and for the record, I'm a fan of Felix, too)