November 4, 2005

"Donald Trump has some kind of neurological event."

Jacob at Television Without Pity gives last night's episode "The Apprentice" an A+. It was rather good. (Spoiler alert.) Is Markus out of his mind? Who talks like that? Who thinks he's got something to say, even thinks he's articulate, and then meaninglessly jumps from one empty phrase to the next? It was so satisfying to see him so severely shredited. And the cab ride where he kept trying to explain himself until, it seemed, he too had gotten tired of hearing himself speak -- hilarious!

You'd think that Markus getting fired would be the best part. It isn't. The best part is in the Boardroom leading up to Markus's firing, where Donald Trump has some kind of neurological event and goes completely apeshit. And I mean to say that you have never seen this kind of behavior in your life. He first abruptly asks Clay if he's gay, acts stunned that Clay is gay, ascertains that Clay is therefore not attracted to women, clarifies that this Venn diagram excludes even women such as Alla, and then explains to us that this is why restaurants have menus: while Trump likes steak, other people like spaghetti.

Later, without even stopping to breathe almost, he: asks Adam straight up if he's a virgin (he is, but won't admit it), counsels him not to be afraid of sex because it is "not a big deal," posits that Adam will ten years from now be more "comfortable with sex," shares that sex has gotten him into "a lot of trouble" and cost him "a lot of money," discusses at length whether Adam is "soft" or "hard," and wraps up by telling Adam that there's "nothing like" sex, and that he should look forward to having it one day, in the creepiest, ickiest, most pervuncular way imaginable.
Ha, ha. I love the way the TWoP recaps bring all the memories of the show flooding back -- and even funnier. Ah, yes, Trump was exceedingly Trumpy last night. He should talk about sex more often!


Ron said...

[raises hand somewhat gingerly] Please Dr. Althouse, could you talk about how the commerce power supports the FMLA again, instead of hearing Trump talk about sex?

Thanks a whole bunch!

PatCA said...

He was bizarre...but that's why I watch! O/w you can always wake me up with a shot of his blindingly gold apartment.

JoshP said...

The neurological event wasn't so much funny as it was painful. If I were in that boardroom, I'm not sure I would want to work for someone who thinks that kind of talk is OK. And on international television, too.

And as for Clay's Jew remark, I'm less forgiving than the TWoP crowd. When that pause came up, I said aloud, "Did he just call him a cheap Jew?" The timing couldn't be more suspect. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Finn Kristiansen said...

This week's episode, along with last week's mass firing of four candidates, made for riveting television.

I did think Clay had somewhat of a point in that Adam during his presentation was falling back on ethnic stereotypes (about himself as a good Jewish boy); he should not have been totally shocked at Clay's attempt to ride on that theme. It was kind of a desperate, nervous attempt to be humorous but, HELLO, it's NYC, and with the possibility of a heavily Jewish audience.

I want to think that Markus was the victim of masochistic editing, but likely not; his pompous, puffed up exit from the boardroom was a hoot, in addition to his taxi ride, where no doubt he finally shut up under the erroneous assumption that he had made a valid, face saving point. Yuh huh, he is the man I want when martians invade earth and we have two seconds to talk our way out of being eaten.

I was also glad to see the two black contestants come off relatively well through the series. Often enough these shows have a habit of picking the worst or most outrageous black candidates (like Big Brother and its string of flamboyant and annoying black homosexual candidates). If a show is going to have only one black person, they should make an attempt to make it a candidate who is reasonably representative of blacks as a whole, instead of serving as comic relief, menace to "the group" or muted wallpaper.

Ann Althouse said...

Josh: As to Trump, I too had some trouble experiencing the "event" as funny, but it was really funny as recapped.

As to the "tight Jew" comment, I think Clay meant "uptight," not cheap. I think the point was that Adam was extremely nervous about talking about sex and Clay just wanted to poke fun at him for that. He threw in "Jew" only because Adam himself kept referring to the fact that he's "a nice Jewish boy." Clay had a tin ear about a lot of what he was saying and "tight Jew" was just another one of them.

And I just wrote that before reading Finn's comment, btw.

me said...

had Clay not really performed well in previous tasks, he should have been fired, as that comment, although a slip of the tounge, sealed the fate on the presentation's failure.

i was surprised that the rankings were as close as they were, as the other presentation was much much better...

i had a soft spot for marcus, as he probably is relatively intelligent, but his brain is somehow miswired and makes it impossible for him to communicate.

i thought he might learn how to shut up over the course of the series, but he managed to return to his overly talkative ways, with more incoherence, so yes, as trump said, there was no way that he could work for trump

Pete said...

Yay, Apprentice blogging!

Yes, Adam opened the door to using the word Jew but a careful watching of the scene in question shows Adam had just made a reference to how expensive dating can be. That's when Clay made his reference to "tight Jew," which seems to me that this was a play on the supposed skinflintness of Jews and not about being sexually uptight. I think he went a little too far through that door.

Finn kristiansen,

Though Omarosa was a true villian and black, I don't think this show goes out of its way to portray blacks as being exceptionally evil or stupid or foolish. It's an equal opportunity show that portrays everyone as something much less than their resumes would lead you to believe they are, which is what delights me about this show, and Martha's show, too. Not much of a reason to watch a show, I suppose, but there it is.

Dave said...

Alla is plug ugly; I don't understand Trump's attraction to her.

Now that Rebecca, well, that's a different story.

QitAll said...

Wierdly enough, many of the folks on the show have the foibles of those with whom I have worked. I think it is some kind of strange pleasure I get watching them actually get nailed in the boardroom for what the rest of us get stuck with daily (and have no power to fire).

I think I am addicted to this swhow. From the first view of Trump's incredibly overdone Manhattan apartment where that one woman kept going on about how "rich" it looked -- and how I kept thinking it looked like a place that was even overdone for Vegas standards -- to Trump's insistence on bad hair, continuous self promotion and full of himself manner to prove that it most be the $$ and power which attracts the women in his life -- I simply cannot turn it off.

olivia1 said...

I guess I'm hopelessly old fashioned but I thought Clay additionally lost it for his team when he showed no class and used the word "ass" two times. Yeh,yeh, his audience was a bunch of New Yorkers but does that mean it's OK to assume that none of them would think the choice of a coarse word for "butt" wouldn't be offensive in a public, business setting? I think unless you really know your audience you should err on the side of classy.
The images Trump was conjuring up in my mind as he hyped his sexual exploits were better suited for halloween night...who can imagine (or cares to ) what his hair looks like after some sweaty I said...trick or treat!!!

CM said...

Just watched it on TiVo. We rewound the "steak or spaghetti" part three times, and almost fell off the couch laughing.

But I hadn't read the recap -- "the creepiest, ickiest, most pervuncular way imaginable." Love it.

Ann Althouse said...

Yeah, pervuncular is a brilliant coinage. Better than shrediting.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

I read [in a hotel copy of TV Guide] that Alla is a former exotic dancer and her previous experience came out in the boardroom. Trump was noticing that Alla was exceptionally good at dealing with juvenile/boyish/boorish men and he probed to discover that she learned that skill dealing with "clients".

So Trump is tuned into the sex wavelength and can spot a former lap-dancer a mile away.

Interesting, but still icky.

PatCA said...

I think you and I are the last two people in the US who hate the word "ass," which is now everywhere on TV and in real life, too.

I thought Clay was totally over the top offensive with his repeated references using that word.

olivia1 said...

PatCa, Thanks for the affirmation. Frankly, if I'd been in the audience doing the rating, Clay's crudity (and it would have been the same for me if he was referring to a woman's posterier) would've influenced me to give the team a fairly low score. Although, ironically, Adam's shyness and slight uncomfortableness about the subject matter might have balanced it out. Hmmm, i never thought of myself as a reincarnation of The Church LADY.

Ron said...

I came up with a coinage for the deliberate misuse of words for political discussion/advantage:


Paul said...

I was surprised by the bluntness of Trump's questions, considering they keep reminding us "this is a job interview". His exact words to Clay were "are you gay?" and to Adam, "have you ever had sex?" You don't get any more point blank than that. I could swear those kinds of questions in more traditional interviews are illegal, aren't they?

Jacob said...

I'm totally stealing "shrediting."