November 30, 2005

"Does your emphasis on authority give any substance to the claim ... that conservatism is repressive and dictatorial?"

Marking the 25th anniversary of "The Meaning of Conservatism," Right Reason interviews Roger Scruton.


Bruce Hayden said...

I think that this is answered later on in the interview. The idea that conservatism is repressive and dictitorial is based on the falacy that authority equals power. Much authority does not.

Instead, much of authority is freely given. One example they give is that of the hunt master. His authority is freely given by those participating in the hunt. And what they don't mention is that if enough participants lose faith in his abilities, he can be replaced.

Ann Althouse said...

Bruce, it's a quoted question from the interview. Of course, it's answered.

Bruce Hayden said...

Sorry Ann. I seem to do this a lot with your real and rhetorical questions. I sometimes suspect that I am just not swift enough to catch where you are going. So, I appologize if I miss it sometimes and give the "duh" response.

But that is why yours is probably my favorite blog - you make me think, and most don't.

amba said...

Linked and discussed here.

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