November 6, 2005

Audible Althouse, #18.

Here's the new podcast. It's a good one! Just under 55 minutes.

UPDATE: You know, you don't need an iPod or other special device to listen to the podcasts. They'll play on the computer too, you know. Just go to the link and click! Or just click this. It starts with cool music by John Althouse Cohen and Brit Rice.


chuck b. said...

Beuys is pronounced Boyce in English.

vbspurs said...

Tangentially, does any Althouse reader know if Blogger has discontinued Audioblogger?

I was going to attempt a mini-podcast Monday, but it's down.

OTOH, Blogger were en panne this weekend, so maybe they're just down momentarily.

Nothing on the advisories.

P.S.: Ann, I'm still on #5. :(


vbspurs said...

To answer my own question, in case there are people feverishly waiting for info about Audioblogger...they seem to be working already.

I've posted an Audioblog on my blog Tuesday, and sadly, even via the phonewaves, I still sound like Liz Hurley with a cold.

Oh well. At least it's free.


Ruth Anne Adams said...

You podcasts are to your blog as director's voice-overs are to DVDs of their movies. Or: your podcasts are to your blog as liner notes are to albums.

Very enjoyable.

I think your wine 'sip' pauses are more like 'glug glug' pauses.