November 2, 2005

Audible Althouse, #17.

Here it is, a 55 minute podcast, with a lot about the new Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito and the various swirling political doings surrounding him, including my own media activities, taking metaphors literally and the connection to Mad Magazine, the free exercise of religion (keeping bears, hallucinogenic tea, wearing headscarves), and a peace rally in Madison and the way Althouse commenters talk about it.

UPDATE: One problem with podcasting is that you can't do corrections. Listening to this podcast, I see that I garble a legal point about Alito's Blackhawk case. I should have been clear that it was a matter of the federal Free Exercise clause: when does a state's policy stop being considered "neutral and general applicable," so that strict scrutiny applies?

ANOTHER UPDATE: My host seems to be having troubles Thursday morning. If the link isn't working, try iTunes.


PatCA said...

This might be a dumb question, but can you watch/listen to these podcasts on a computer rather than an iPod?

Ann Althouse said...

Yeah. Just click on the link.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Loved the "Perils of Pauline" saga of the media whirlwind.

Saffron soup at the law school? Man! They've come a long way from the P.A.D. sandwiches.

XWL said...

You don't blog about everything!?!

You have a real life!?!

You don't sit in front of your 'puter and type each thought as it comes to you!?!

I'm disappointed (or the opposite of disappointed, I'm appointed!)

(with that bit of snark out of the way)

Another excellent podcast, hope those exciting things you alluded to at the end of your 'cast prove fruitful.

I've voted so if you don't win don't blame me.

And glad to hear that exploring your interests in an informal manner leads to opportunities that you wouldn't have had as just another (I'll assume excellent) conlaw professor (for some reason I find that reassuring)

Meade said...

I propose we start a pool: When will Ann's site meter hit three million? Date and time. To play, you have to hit her PayPal for a buck (minimum). Winner gets something cool - a signed doodle by AA herself, a ride in her TT, a home-cooked theme dinner (squirrel soup, acorn popovers, an entire pint of ice cream)...

Waddaya think?

Nick said...

If you're lacking good audio editing software... then I suggest Audacity. Its very good... and its very free.

Steven Taylor said...


In regards to the theme song: I actually got it stuck in my head the other day.

I suppose that should be counted as a compliment to your son and friends..

Steven Taylor said...

And Nick is correct--Audacity is quite nice and nicely free.

Ann Althouse said...

Nick: The problem is posting it and then noticing the mistake later.

But I'm using Garage Band -- and I do need to learn how to use it better!