November 2, 2005

Another sip of the hallucinogenic tea.

With an important freedom of relgion case involving hallucinogenic tea pending in the Supreme Court, I'm surprised that my blog comes up second in a Google search for "hallucinogenic tea." But, good lord, look what comes in first!

At oral argument yesterday, the government argued that it had a compelling interest in banning the religious use of the drug out of concern that the drug, if permitted to the religious users, would make its way out to recreational users. But with that story coming up first in Google, the recreational use of the drug may seem none too enticing.

UPDATE: The hallucinogenic tea in the Supreme Court case is made from an Amazonian plant called hoasca. The unfortunate man who lopped off his penis drank tea made from Angel's Trumpet. In any case, hoasca causes intense vomiting, which is (according to the linked article) useful to Amazonian people who suffer from dangerous worms. And, no, I'm not trying to set up a penis joke. Make your own penis/dangerous worm joke.


Meade said...

But Ann, penectomy and tongue removal have long had their places in religious tradition.

Troy said...

The penis and tongue story is from Germany. There was (is?) a rash of kids taking Angel's Trumpets and other herbal hallucinogens.

Mark said...

This tea is also called Ayahuasca. I lived with a girlfriend several years ago now who got into it very seriously and started to call herself a "shaman".

On one occassion I went with her to visit friends of hers that were meeting to have a group "session", or ceremony as they would call it.

I was nervous, yet I thought I'd give it a try.

Just about 5 minutes before it was passed around, the main guy "shaman" who prepared the bitter tea told me that if I took it in combination with my antihistime that we would "have a potential 911 situation on our hands". Good thing I thought to ask about drug interaction.

Without saying too much about ayahuasca, it's been my experience that people who use are on the whole, New Agey, already into marijuana or lsd or mushrooms. These people may or may not also be into "polyamory" and any other behavior that shows a distinct lack of boundaries.

I seriously thought I'd never hear about hayauasca again. It just brings up some of the worst times of my life, which were hugely influenced by a loved one and their involvement with the drug and the culture surrounding it.


Anonymous said...

No discussion of penises, worms, and the Amazon would be complete with a mention of the infamous candiru, the spiny parasitic fish that swims in the Amazon. It's normal mode of attachment is to swim into and lodge itself in the gills of other fish. But it is also rumored to be able to detect streams of urine, follow them up stream to their source, and then swim up the urethra. Once there, they extend their spines and lodge themselves firmly in place. The only solution: surgery, and in the case of males, amputation of the penis.

So there you have a good reason not to pee in the pool, at least if the pool is the Amazon river. Of course, this could all just be an Ayahuasca-induced hallucination.

Meade said...

"And, now, I'm not trying to set up a penis joke. Make your own penis/dangerous worm joke."

No thank you.

37383938393839383938383 said...

I didn't even get the dangerous worm/penis connection. Ann, someone should hose you down. After all, Rosa Parks just died.

Revenant said...

All I know is that "The Dangerous Worms" is a great name for a band.

chuck b. said...

I love Angel's Trumpet (Brugmansia), but all parts of that plant are quite poisonous. After working with it, gardeners should thoroughly wash their clothes, tools and themselves. And if your cat or dog eat any part of it, call the veterinarian.

Parker Smith said...

A penis and a dangerous worm walk into a bar, and the bartender says...

CJ said...

I do trumpets often unlike some other morons... I researched it first! you cant just walk into this shyt clueless or it will def freak you out! a lot of people thought they were about to die simply because they don't know what to expect!!! knowleg is power!

This is how it went down.
me and a couple friends were walking down the street and we noticed some Jimsonweed at a local bar. I picked them and went home instead of continuing to our destination. I sliced the flower in half and split the seeds evenly, I then ingested Half the flower!

Within twenty minutes I started tripping! much before I peaked I had already decided this shits way more intense than Acid!!! I looked at the phonebook on the kitchen counter and it seemed as though it was moving towards me and the counter the PB was sitting on was moving further away!

Then from what my friends told me I striped my clothes off and walked over to our Dustbuster took the top off and started switching it on and off while staring into legs felt like jello and it felt as though I could walk the world three times over again! I could only see far distance things cus my pupils were the size of saucers.

I went to the bathroom to look at my pupils but I remember I ended up noticing all of my skin was neon red! I guess it was really hard on my body cus I got super tired super quick! I went to sleep! and, well just to worn you if your contemplating using this hallucinogen... Its really a sort of truth serum when you sleep! because my dreams were so realistic I started talking in my sleep I woke up and caught myself doing this every hour or so it was really freaky!

apparently I answered every question my buddy's AKA drug sitters asked me with shocking accuracy! apparently for a couple minutes while sleeping I opened my eyes and started petting my imaginary dog! LMAO Long story short, I woke up the next morning and didnt remember much! all I was able to recall that in which i just told you!

one of the few likable things about trumpets... besides me feeling like god, There were very minimal side effects! and thats my testimony!

Unknown said...

That is also called ayahuasca, meaning the vine of the dead or vine of souls. It is being studied extensively for its extraordinary psychotherapeutic an d spiritual qualities by many scientists, psychologists, doctors and other high profile people.