October 3, 2005

"Wouldn't it be funny if Souter and I got married?"

See what happens when you nominate a woman? She starts blogging about her feelings!


Mark Daniels said...

This is so funny...I thought about blogging just that if Miers and Souter got together, the President would be a one-person eHarmony.com. I wondered if it wasn't a bit tasteless. But if the two justices got together, it would make the Court one of the most exclusive dating services on the planet.

Steel Turman said...

This internet sure moves quick.

Wade Garrett said...

Shouldn't using the term "B4" instead of the word "before" (not to mention her use of 'emoticons') disqualify one from consideration for appointment to the Supreme Court?

The Searcher said...

I sure hope that this post is tongue-in-cheek and I just missed it, because that site is obviously a fake!

Mark Daniels said...

Uh, trust me, it's a fake.

Condoleesa said...

It is absolutely hilarious!

somross said...

Hey, O'Connor and Rehnquist dated in law school at Stanford...so it wouldn't be the first two Supreme Court Justices who (had) dated.

vbspurs said...



That was my first reaction.

It's the reaction I would hope would be the first reaction of almost everyone -- right, left, centre, up, down, sideways.

But let's move back a moment.

Ask yourself -- would this blog-spoof, the best I've seen since Benedict XVI's blog spoof, be possible for anyone other than someone people don't take seriously?

Why is it that John Roberts didn't get a blog spoof site like that?


...produces no results.

Eh. Maybe some people lend themselves to be mocked.

Shame it's ole Harriet Miers in this instance.

P.S.: I'd kill for a Bork blog, dammit -- real or spoof.


Mark Daniels said...

If that's true, Victoria, why do you think Miers is not taken seriously?

Wade Garrett said...

This thread made me ask myself: What will happen in 30 years, when today's college students are nominated for the Supreme Court, or decide to run for public office of some kind? Will all of the e-mails they wrote at 2am after a night out at the bars be leaked to the press? If so, will anybody care? Will it matter that Nominee Jane Done wrote to her roommate about the hot boys she saw at a given party? Now that people are increasingly using electronic media instead of the telephone to communicate, will we have a lot more controvery about a person's actions when they were young?

vbspurs said...

If that's true, Victoria, why do you think Miers is not taken seriously?

First of all, many cultures prize being witty above being intellectuall all the time. That is the case in the US.

I guarantee you, Presidential appointees in France and Spain don't get spoof blogs done about them.

And as such, when you're trying to be funny about a person just nominated to the SCOTUS, it helps if they are:

1- A woman
2- An older woman
3- An older woman who is a spinster
4- An older woman who is a spinster and somewhat mousey-looking
5- An older woman who is a spinster and somewhat mousey-looking and an enigma

It's not a question of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or ad infinitum, IMHO.

It's a question of all these factors in tandem.


Kirk Parker said...

Definitely funny, but not nearly as good as Kim Jong Il's diary (which often includes IM transcripts of of his conversations with Bush and others), e.g.: