October 27, 2005

We're still laughing about "The Apprentice."

Hilarious episode tonight. Pretty boring right up until the end, but the payoff was damned amusing.


Wasteland Fan said...

Oh, my gosh, Ann. I just logged on here to see if you posted about it. My wife and I just finished drying our eyes. The four of them sitting in the back seat of the cab was possibly the funniest 10 seconds of TV I've seen this millenium.

Doug said...

Amusing ? Heck, I was speechless. And the silent cabride was great.

Martha would never have the guts to do something like this.........mostly becuase she'd get writer's cramp from having to write four goodbye letters at once.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

I wonder how they'll start next week's show...there won't be anyone going up to the suite! How do they tell the others? Will The Donald make a surprise inspection like The Martha did last night?

Undercover Christian said...

Yes, an awesome ten seconds. Great episode.

Ruth, I wondered the same thing. How long will the others sit up there waiting to see who comes back?

oladotun said...

this was by far the best episode I have seen in a long time, simply because it was so shocking to see Donald fire all four of the condidates in the boardroom. I just new it was going to be just Jennifer, the way she blew it, and I thought the big "surprise" was that Jennifer was going to lose it emotionally (which she was on the verge of doing).

Seeing all 4 of them speechless in that cab ride was simply hilarious and a priceless image for the ages.

PatCA said...

The cab ride--priceless. Sort of blows holes in setting up a fall guy on each task.

BTW do they stay in the loft for the entire shooting of the show? Sheesh.

BJK said...

So many funny parts to tonight's show:

- The team that knew nothing about the sport they picked (the very same sport Donald was away observing, and the one tied directly into Carolyn's non-TV job) won!

- "You might want to give that kid a putter instead of a wedge."

- "What are they called, radar guns? ...I'll sell 6, and then you can start finding more while I sell the other two."

- How do you forget to factor in the size of your main attraction into your floorplan?

I was just looking forward to seeing Jen (or as I like to call her based on her appearence, 'the flight attendant') fired. Getting rid of all four of them was just a bonus.

Can't help but wonder how they'll change the formula as to not end up with three fewer episodes.

whit said...

Embarassing typo:

Were they laughing as they got into and rode away in the cab?

TDM said...

I was disappointed when Donald came to the boardroom because I wanted to see Carolyn fire somebody. My disappointment ended when Donald fired off a grand slam.

Ann Althouse said...

I loved when Carolyn shot down the Project Manager guy: "You failed too." The PM was so annoying. He deserved to be fired just for the ultra-rude way he rolled his eyes when Jen (was that her name?) was speaking.

Whit: Yeah, I noticed the way Jen was suppressing giggles in the cab. Reading her mind, I'd say she was thinking: I'm still beautiful.

whit said...

Maybe they were embarassed about being sacked and packed.

Finn Kristiansen said...

Whether actual or created (for cameras and required by contract), I would imagine the cab rides are somewhat artificial, thus capable of enducing either embarrassment or giggles. I had read somewhere that the whole exit scene process is not necessarily shot in tight chronological sequence.

No doubt the candidates go from that location to a debriefing area, not home, and that particular cab ride probably went no further than around the block.

(All you need is some sort of accident with four adults in a back seat to produce the type of headache that would stretch the powers of whatever liability release the contestants signed).

It was still hysterical to watch though. And Carolyn, with her mussed hair, quite sexy and refreshing. Even Trump seems to be kind of low key, jaunty and flip, taking it all rather lightly.

Ann Althouse said...

"Even Trump seems to be kind of low key, jaunty and flip, taking it all rather lightly."

The reality is, their ratings are down. They aren't lightened by fun-loving spirit. They're trying new things -- like putting Carolyn in charge -- to try to boost ratings.