October 4, 2005

We're #1.



Bruce Hayden said...

Should I point out that you are only #1 in women's hockey, and #2 in men's? Will be interesting, as the two local men's teams here in CO, which finished 1-2 in the national rankings last year, are tied at #3 in pre-season.

SippicanCottage said...
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Meade said...

Can squirrels skate? Looks more like a mouse.

Ann Althouse said...

The squirrel is never used as a mascot, is it? Don't hate on Bucky! Bucky is THE best sports mascot.

SippicanCottage said...

Pride Takes Two From Fighting Squirrels

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- The Greensboro College softball team earned a 12-3 victory, in five complete innings, over the Mary Baldwin College Fighting Squirrels for the first game of a scheduled doubleheader at Salvation Army Field. ---

Those girls really teed off on those Fighting Squirrels, don't you think?

Meade said...

Three grand slams worth of teeing off.

"Squirrels have made their mark in sports by serving as team mascots all over the globe. For example, China’s first professional basketball team is called The Zhejiang Squirrels. Scotland has a track and field mascot named Super Squirrel."

vbspurs said...

Is that the squirrel?

May I introduce to the Althouse blog-family a Scottish soccer team's mascot:

Nutz the Squirrel

It's not always a glamourous bed of acorns, the life of a mascot, though:

According to one Scottish mascot, 'The few women that have been interested have been helluva disappointed when I took my head off. I don't know who they were expecting to be inside the costume. Brad Pitt?'

If the Althouse squirrel is indeed found, I suggest Ann names it "Brad".


vbspurs said...

The squirrel is never used as a mascot, is it? Don't hate on Bucky! Bucky is THE best sports mascot.

Dude. One word:



Pastor_Jeff said...


I did my undergrad in Virginia and knew a few girls from Mary Baldwin.

Then there were the U of Richmond Spiders, the James Madison Dukes, Roanoke Maroons ("What a maroon!"),and VaTech Gobblers (aka Hokies). What is it with teams in Virginia?


Best mascot? Come on. We all know it's Willie.

Wade_Garrett said...

I love that picture! I never particularly cared for the Bucky mascot in general, but I love the 'Blind Bucky' law school mascot, and this photograph of him skating here. Its such an odd animal -- perhaps that's why its so funny to see dressed up.

A friend of mine who went to Stanford has some hilarious photographs of the Stanford mascot - a tree - doing different stuff around the campus. Now THAT was goofy.

in_the_middle said...

bruce, i'm sure the women's hockey teams in denver and colorado college will kick uw's butt.


and cc finished THIRD in the usa today poll last year, am i not mistaken?