October 2, 2005

The To Do list, continued.

Yesterday, I did the hardest thing on my To Do list: "paint house." That meant paint the exterior trim in various places where it needed a second coat after some repairs that were made a while back.

Now, I've overslept -- after waking up at 2 a.m. and seriously considering getting up for the day -- and I'm all sore. I guess I worked too hard (or don't work hard enough often enough).

Should I cast the To Do list aside and just enjoy myself today? (What's at the movies?) Or should I do the items that require no physical exertion? Is there a third option, to work through the pain or something? Who does that? You'd clean the inside of your house when you were aching from painting the outside?

By the way, the whole time I was painting, I listened to "The Dawn and Drew Show" on my iPod. I hope this won't mean that in the future when I listen to the show I'll think about housepainting... or maybe just see the color eggplant in my mind's eye.


Joan said...

Is there a third option, to work through the pain or something? Who does that?

Ann, you're so cute when you're clueless. Everyone who has arthritis does this, every day.

If there's something you really need to get done, pop a couple of Advil. (You still have some left after the tooth business, right?)
It will take the edge off and make the day much more pleasant.

If there's nothing really pressing, just take it easy. I think that's what Sundays are all about, anyway.

Be said...

Ann: I agree wholeheartedly with Joan. I have seven pieces of furniture to strip and refinish. Today (Boston area at 3:40 pm EDT) on a beautiful October day, all I want to do is take a walk around the Mystic River, finish knitting sock for a friend and drink a glass of wine. Mind you, I have to go up to Northern Maine next weekend to close up Camp. The following weekend, I have a wedding up in Camden, ME. Weeknights aren't an option at this point, as I'm working late all the time.

To quote another Dead French Guy: "Gather ye Rosebuds." My interpretation? - do what makes you happy. Not what you feel obligated to.

Deena said...

Go see a movie called "Serenity".

Okay, normally I wouldn't recommend an action flick for your taste, but I think this one has all kinds of bloggy goodness in it... despite all the action scenes it's one of those "shades of grey" kinds of movies about complicated characters making difficult decisions.

Of course, it's better if you've seen the series it's based on, "Firefly".

And, okay, I admit, I'm recommending it because I'd like to read your opinions. :-)