October 14, 2005

Suddenly class is a lame reality show.

And the richest man in the world plays substitute teacher for your little seminar:
The class burst out in laughter as the founder of Microsoft and the richest man in the United States dropped by the University of Wisconsin-Madison class unannounced as part of his tour of college campuses.

The 13 students were five minutes into a review for their exam next week when [Bill] Gates walked in.

Jaws dropped as cameras for mtvU, a 24-hour college TV network, filmed the surprise as a part of a series that features celebrity drop-ins on campuses.


jeff said...

Stay in school! Get a graduate degree!

...like I didn't.

And then maybe I'll hire you as wage slaves until you burn out and I can outsource the maintenance of your code to India.

Pastor_Jeff said...

All right, Ann, I've finally unearthed the theme for the day: "Why women are good for men and men are bad for women"

Case 1: E. B. White (married). Dressed well, sucessful.

Case 2: Bill Gates (single). Successful, but ├╝ber-geek.

Case 3: Bill Gates (married). Still successful, but now with an adult haircut and good clothes.

Case 4: Karl Rove (divorced and remarried). Successful, dresses well, but overweight, reviled, investigated, and his boss calls him "turd blossom." Mixed bag here.

Case 5: Michael Stipe (?). Did you see that outfit?

Case 6: Women (living with men). Overweight and out of shape.

Case 7: Harriet Miers (single). Successful, intelligent, nominated for SCOTUS, Althouse has mellowed on her, and Hitchens' pissy criticism is backfiring.

Case 8: Ann Althouse (divorced). Intelligent and successful, dresses well and is compared to Catherine the Great.

Did I get it right?

XWL said...

well at least that didn't read, "suddenly lame reality shows are a class"

Though I wouldn't be surprised given courses on the Philosophy of Star Trek, or Religion in the Simpsons or Gender Representations and the Buffyverse some professor is bound to create an academic course focusing on reality shows.

(surely you could build a conlaw course about American Idol and The Apprentice if you were being extremely creative)